LG G7 ThinQ
Unlocked LG G7 ThinQ pre-orders begin at B&H Photo
The carriers have pre-sold their stock and are now selling their stock, but unlocked sales have yet to begin. But you can pre-order your G7 ThinQ now.
Essential Phone now shipping direct to Canada, Japan, Europe
Essential products purchased from the company’s website can now make it over to five more countries. Canada already had PH-1 carriage from Telus, but not unlocked.
Believe it or not, you can still get the iPhone X delivered by Christmas if you order it today
It’s not that long ago that you had to wait several weeks for an iPhone X order to be shipped, and yet somehow, delivery times have dropped to just one day.
Apple offers free next-day delivery on December 22, two-hour delivery for $9
If you’re busy and still need to punch Apple holes in your shopping list, two-hour delivery is available for $9 and, as always, pick-up is free.
Various Apple Stores now promise iPhone X deliveries in no more than a week
Stateside, as well as across several important territories worldwide, Apple Store shoppers can get the iPhone X shipped in 5 business days.
Faster and freer than AT&T, Verizon sells AirPods
Five business days? Who has the time for that? Well, for the surcharge of 97 cents, you can get two-day shipping if you buy some wireless buds from Verizon.
One batch of OnePlus 3T shipping immediately today
Invitations were dropped in favor of a pre-order queue that stretched from days to weeks to even months. Will this refreshing news last?
Blade V8 Pro on sale from ZTE for $230, ships today
Just introduced at CES 2017, the Blade V8 Pro has a very power-efficient streak to it, but also has two rear cameras. And it’s now for sale.
Long shipping queue for AirPods pre-orders
For some, it will be as early as Monday or Tuesday when they can expect their Apple-branded wireless earbuds in the mail. Others? Much later.
Jet Black iPhone 7 availability drops to within a day
And that’s through shipping or in-store pickup. The iPhone 7 Plus should take a week via the post and there’s spotty in-store availability.
AirPods by Christmas? Tim Cook may have assured a customer in an email
In a supposed email to a customer, the CEO of Apple mentioned that the company’s first pair of wireless earbuds would ship “over the next few weeks.”
At least one Verizon 128GB Pixel XL delayed from shipping for two weeks
In one customer’s case, it’s by more than two weeks. Verizon blames people’s “good taste” for pent-up demand for the Google phone.
Consider a Surface Ergonomic Keyboard with that Surface Studio
A 28-inch all-in-one PC deserves more than a plain old keyboard. Microsoft’s proposition for that keyboard is a $140 wireless and ergonomic solution.
CPSC seizes Galaxy Note 7 ruins through subpoena — everyone else gets a box
The one that burned on a Southwest jet is now at CPSC HQ for testing. In the meantime, everyone gets a few boxes, but some won’t put their Note 7 in them.
CPSC looking into Note 7 airplane incident, Royal Mail still won’t take it
As the government is into the factgathering process in a case that saw a Galaxy Note 7 smoke up an airplane, the Royal Mail won’t touch the phone.