UK to see Sony Xperia 1 from “end of May” for £849

If that sounds a bit steep to you… well, it is. But it’s still early days to see how the flagship-level Sony Xperia 1 will price out in the US.

Race for Galaxy S10 pre-orders begins with AT&T giving customers notifications

AT&T might be your best friend if you want to get a Galaxy S10 as early, but as low effort as possible. You can get notification of when pre-orders start.

Xiaomi Mi 9, Mi 9 SE could ship as early as March 11

The phones are launching on February 20 and will take a couple weeks to begin shipping. As for pricing, that’s going to be a secret until showtime.
Mate 20 Pro report

Minus Huawei, Chinese phone makers face challenges at home and abroad

Despite all the gains that Chinese smartphone makers have made, it seems that most of them are struggling along with the rest of the industry.

The OnePlus 6T did REALLY well in the US and India this holiday…

OnePlus was in the top 5 sellers for the premium smartphone market in the US and the number one premium seller in India. Check out our competitive analysis.

Chinese iPhone unit shipments dropped 20 percent, researchers claim

Apple won’t paint the full picture on its global growth pains and that has left market analysts scrambling for any numbers they can get.

India market continues growing, Xiaomi’s first-place finish is a record

Samsung has sold the most smartphones in the Indian market year after year, but it faced fierce competition from a Chinese competitor.

Analyst Kuo positive on 2019 iPhone sales

Kuo believes that the market consensus has gone too negative with Apple and that a decent spring will help the company recover.

In China, Huawei achieves record share as market shrinks 15 percent

In China, Huawei took a massive lead. OPPO and vivo follow on from there. Xiaomi looksl ike it is struggling at home. Apple has taking a big hit.

“High availability” iPhone XR sold out for pick-ups

As the pre-orders phase nears an end, it seems that first-day inventory has been completely sold. Some may chance a visit to a local Apple Store on Friday.

iPhone XR interest will grow into the new year, top analyst says

The shinier and more expensive iPhone XS will have most of the spotlight this holiday season, but watch for iPhone XR sales to steadily tick up in 2019.

Supply chain on edge with iPhone XR demand

Taiwanese component companies serving Apple are listening carefully as to whether its big client will add or cut orders this holiday season.

This is when you can pre-order Microsoft’s Surface Headphones

40mm drivers, USB-C charging and an option to link up to devices via a 3.5mm cable. Quite a lot in this pair of Bluetooth cans for a first-timer.

Kuo raises iPhone XS Max sales forecasts after great opening weekend numbers

It’s been one week since people started looking at the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. And if they had to opt for one or another, they’re going all Max.

Kuo: Good start for Apple Watch Series 4 sales, future relies on international regulators

The well-known Apple analyst believes that the newest Apple Watch models will sell well around the world if health ministries approve its ECG kit.

Latest guess at iPhone 9 starting price runs high

We’ve been tracking this guesswork for months now and have run from between $550 and $800 as a starting price for the basic iPhone experience.

iPhone 9 will be delayed to let iPhone X sequels sell more

It’s not because there’s any delay in making the most affordable iPhone 9, but that it will be the most popular of three models out this year.

OnePlus 6 in red, Bullets Wireless available for immediate dispatch

The Red OnePlus 6 was made available for orders today… and it still is. Yep, no nonsense for a special color. The Bullets Wireless on the other hand…

Surface Go shipping August 2 with top-spec device priced at $549

We have a couple more details on the Surface Go, the lightest convertible computing device from Microsoft yet, including some extra pricing.

Apple to cut iPhone SE and iPhone X production to start on new iPhones

A cult classic and a premium powerhouse will go away at some point to make room for newer and cooler iPhones due this September.

HTC suffers largest drop in monthly revenues in two years

HTC’s track record has been downward for several years now and this past month was an especially steep step to the ground.

LG supply chain claims it will make up to 5 million OLED displays for iPhones

That’s more than what was originally reported a week ago and some company blabbers are excited for the orders. So, what’s next? A foldable iPhone?

LCD iPhone and iPhone X sequels may get up to six colors total

The affordable 6.1-inch iPhone may launch with four or five colors at launch while the most premium 6.5-inch version may go for the gold.

Xiaomi boasts of 5 million Redmi Note 5 and over 1 million Mi Band 3 sales

Significantly more popular than the Redmi Note 4, Xiaomi’s mid-range Redmi Note 5 and Note 5 Pro phones only took four months to reach five million sales.

Huawei CEO is ready to ship 200 million smartphones this year

The company shipped 150 million smartphones last year worldwide, good enough to maintain its number three position behind Apple and Samsung.