Refurbished AT&T Galaxy Note 4 being recalled for counterfeit batteries [UPDATE]
The devices in question are specifically units to fulfill insurance claims that were equipped and shipped by the FedEx Supply Chain.
Merrill Lynch predicts iPhone 8 delays running at least 3 weeks
It’s not just that the hits keep on coming, but rather the banks keep on betting. But does that really mean that the iPhone 8 will come mid-October?
Fast AirPods shipping if you buy them on AT&T
Apple will currently take six weeks to ship a couple of tech plugs for your lugs. AT&T will currently get them to you within 5 business days.
128GB OnePlus 3T priced at $479 ships in just over a week
The 64GB model has been selling for three months, so it only makes sense to make the bigger version available right now. Yep.
Samsung Chromebook Plus availability explodes, Best Buy has shipping date
In addition to Amazon, the Google Store, Best Buy, Newegg, B&H Photo and potentially other online retailers are getting ready to sell the Chromebook.
Early delivery strikes again! Redditor reportedly gets T-Mobile LG V20
Pre-orders for the first Android phone with Nougat native to it began at the Un-carrier just yesterday and we already have one happy customers to report.
Telstra delivers Pixel to at least one lucky customer early
One week early, in fact. And the person is a prolific tech Redditor, so you could bet that there’s a whole bunch we’re learning about the phone.
Smartwatch shipments still blazing hot after holidays
The Apple Watch holds strong in the market after a great holiday season while the market in general has blossomed from a year ago.
The US Cellular LG G5 may be yours on April 1
A tipster has pointed to US Cellular launching the latest mobile flagship from LG on April 1. How will other carriers follow?