cleaned out Tablets section before bringing it back

One could even argue why Google thought to bring back a page that has not had its contents updated since 2015. After all, there were more reasons to keep it out of sight than there were to keep it.

Sad but predictable: No Oreo update hopes for NVIDIA Shield Tablet and Tablet K1

In case you were still holding out hope for Android Oreo goodies on the NVIDIA Shield Tablet and Tablet K1, the updates are definitely not happening.

Android 7.0 Nougat officially rolls out to OG NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and Tablet K1

Both NVIDIA’s original Shield Tablet and the 2015-revised K1 edition have Android 7.0 Nougat updates rolling out OTA now in staggered fashion.

Android Nougat is definitely coming to both NVIDIA Shield Tablet editions, likely in a few weeks

NVIDIA remains committed to supporting both the original Shield Tablet and revamped Tablet K1 as far as software goes, with Nougat on the way.

That long overdue NVIDIA Shield Tablet sequel is apparently cancelled for ‘business reasons’

FCC giveth and FCC taketh away. At the manufacturer’s request, of course, with the 2016 edition of the NVIDIA Shield Tablet nipped in the bud.

NVIDIA comes through with Shield Tablet K1 Marshmallow update

NVIDIA told us to expect the Shield Tablet K1 Marshmallow update before Christmas, and the manufacturer’s made good on its promise.

NVIDIA offers sneak peek of imminent Marshmallow update on Shield Tablet K1

Curious how Android 6.0 Marshmallow will look on the NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 when the 8-incher is updated later this month? Here’s a short preview.

NVIDIA Shield Tablet X1 pops up, delivers mouthwatering GPU benchmark scores

The NVIDIA Shield Tablet X1 is an upcoming graphics powerhouse, according to a pre-release benchmark, capable of crushing the Shield Tablet K1 in many tests