Proper NVIDIA Shield Tablet sequel possibly sighted at FCC
It’s time for a true NVIDIA Shield Tablet sequel, approved by the FCC for an upcoming US release, with a slimmer, lighter construction than the original.
NVIDIA Shield Tablet X1 pops up, delivers mouthwatering GPU benchmark scores
The NVIDIA Shield Tablet X1 is an upcoming graphics powerhouse, according to a pre-release benchmark, capable of crushing the Shield Tablet K1 in many tests
NVIDIA recalls Shield Tablet due to fire risk
NVIDIA’s sounding word of a Shield Tablet recall, after learning that certain batteries within the tablets may pose a fire risk.
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This is the best Android tablet money can buy right now
Google is quick to tell us that Android is together but not the same – which is great! Given our options, which is the best Android tablet money can buy?
New NVIDIA Shield Tablet details leak, and that Shield 2 handheld isn’t looking too likely
The cat’s out of the bag on NVIDIA’s next hardware, as NVIDIA Shield Tablet specs and detailed launch info leaks.
NVIDIA Shield tablet pic leaks, looks like a Tegra Note 2
Is this going to be NVIDIA’s next gaming hardware? Take a look at the new NVIDIA Shield tablet pic, with a strong resemblance to the Tegra Note.