Sad but predictable: No Oreo update hopes for NVIDIA Shield Tablet and Tablet K1
In case you were still holding out hope for Android Oreo goodies on the NVIDIA Shield Tablet and Tablet K1, the updates are definitely not happening.
Nvidia Shield TV scores long-promised Google Assistant support, other Android TVs next
Google Assistant is adding Android TV set-top boxes and smart TVs to a list of voice-enhanced devices including phones, watches, speakers and headphones.
NVIDIA fights Apple TV 4K with new $179 Shield TV remote-only bundle
Technically, the NVIDIA Shield TV set-top box isn’t getting upgraded or revised today. It’s merely ditching the controller to save you 20 bucks.
NVIDIA Shield adapter recall affects units with European plug heads
If you use a “duck plug” head on your AC adapter for that NVIDIA Shield, Shield TV or got it from a charger kit, get a free replacement unit, stat.
Android 7.0 Nougat officially rolls out to OG NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and Tablet K1
Both NVIDIA’s original Shield Tablet and the 2015-revised K1 edition have Android 7.0 Nougat updates rolling out OTA now in staggered fashion.
Android Nougat is definitely coming to both NVIDIA Shield Tablet editions, likely in a few weeks
NVIDIA remains committed to supporting both the original Shield Tablet and revamped Tablet K1 as far as software goes, with Nougat on the way.
Experience Upgrade 5.0 brings Nougat, Amazon Video and much more to NVIDIA Shield TV (2015)
The Android TV-powered NVIDIA Shield set-top box, originally released back in 2015 on Lollipop, is now moving to 7.0 Nougat, also receiving other upgrades.
The new NVIDIA Shield TV supports Google Assistant, 4K HDR, NVIDIA Spot AI mic accessory
Instead of jumping on the Alexa bandwagon, the CES 2017-unveiled new NVIDIA Shield TV comes with native Google Assistant integration.
That long overdue NVIDIA Shield Tablet sequel is apparently cancelled for ‘business reasons’
FCC giveth and FCC taketh away. At the manufacturer’s request, of course, with the 2016 edition of the NVIDIA Shield Tablet nipped in the bud.
Proper NVIDIA Shield Tablet sequel possibly sighted at FCC
It’s time for a true NVIDIA Shield Tablet sequel, approved by the FCC for an upcoming US release, with a slimmer, lighter construction than the original.
Original NVIDIA Shield finally notches Android Marshmallow
NVIDIA is getting its act together for the Shield tablet that started its Android gaming mission. Marshmallow is coming.
NVIDIA offers sneak peek of imminent Marshmallow update on Shield Tablet K1
Curious how Android 6.0 Marshmallow will look on the NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 when the 8-incher is updated later this month? Here’s a short preview.
NVIDIA Shield Android TV further slashed to $150 for Black Friday, remote included
It’s never been cheaper to take care of your home entertainment and living room gaming needs than this week, when the NVIDIA Shield Android TV costs $150.
NVIDIA Shield Android TV box available for as little as $175 with bundled remote
The NVIDIA Shield Android TV set-top box is not only discounted through Amazon, but it also comes with a free remote at $175 and up.
NVIDIA Shield Android TV box gets much better with update
Learn more about some of the new improvements that NVIDIA has just pushed to its Shield Android TV box, making gaming a new subscription service.
NVIDIA’s got another hardware recall to deal with: Shield Pro Android TV box
Hot on the heels of a Shield Tablet recall, now NVIDIA’s got to deal with Shield Pro hard drive failures.
NVIDIA Shield set-top box scores coveted Google Store placement
Will the start of NVIDIA Shield Google Store sales spell a turning point for NVIDIA’s hardware efforts?
NVIDIA launches Shield Android TV box with Tegra X1
NVIDIA’s got its eye on your living room with the announcement of the NVIDIA Shield Android TV box.
Nvidia Shield update rolling out with auto-rotate fixes and more
A new Nvidia Shield update has been authorized by Nvidia today, bringing with it fixes for bugs such as the auto-rotate madness that the last firmware had.
NVIDIA launches Shield Tablet, rebrands original Shield
Is the new NVIDIA gaming tablet right for you? Get the details on today’s NVIDIA Shield Tablet launch.
NVIDIA Shield tablet looks like it will join upcoming Shield 2 handheld console
Could an eight-inch NVIDIA Shield tablet be a part of the company’s gaming hardware for 2014? See why we’re all of a sudden anticipating such a model.
Buy an NVIDIA SHIELD and get free Google Play credit using this deal
The latest NVIDIA SHIELD deal will let you get some Google Play credit, even on top of the already-discounted sale price of the Android-powered console.
NVIDIA Shield 2 hardware might just get 4GB of RAM
Discover what some preliminary NVIDIA Shield 2 benchmarks have to say about the device’s hardware, including an abundance of system memory.
How NVIDIA can win with the SHIELD 2
The NVIDIA SHIELD wasn’t nearly as successful as NVIDIA had hoped. How can the company avoid a similar story with the SHIELD 2? Read on to find out!
NVIDIA Shield gets discounted price, software updates, Portal Android port
Learn about the current NVIDIA Shield sale, and hear a little about what future software is in store for the unusual gaming console.