Apple keeps Shazam accessible for all, takes off ads

As it announced the closing of the acquisition, Apple also told users it would no longer run ads in the music-identifying app.

Apple-Shazam deal gets EU approval

The European Commission granted its approval for the Apple-Shazam deal, after concluding its in-depth investigation into the matter.

Apple-Shazam deal to get unconditional EU antitrust approval

The Apple-Shazam acquisition, confirmed in December of 2017, might come to a close within a month as EU antitrust regulators reportedly nod.

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Apple’s acquisition of Shazam under EU investigation for antitrust concerns

Regulators have questions about whether Apple will block user referrals to competing music services like Spotify and Google Play and whether it will have an unfair competitive advantage with the access to existing referral data.

Uncertainty over Apple’s acquisition of Shazam will linger (at least) until April 23

The European Commission has set an April 23 provisional deadline for an investigation into the potential “adverse effect on competition” Apple’s proposed acquisition of Shazam may have in the European Economic Area.

Apple announces it has bought Shazam

The deal is reported to be worth about $400 million, well below the $1 billion the UK-based music recognition company was valued at in 2015.

Shazam may get bought by Apple, announcement expected Monday

The company behind the music recognition app could get worked into a money-making unit of Apple, which has already turned up Beats by Dr. Dre.

Shazam Lite is even lighter than Facebook Messenger Lite, at ‘less than’ 1MB

No more storage or connectivity issues when dealing with Shazam Lite, the aptly titled watered-down Android version of the popular music ID app.

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Apple and Shazam working to bring song identification to iOS?

The popularity of services like Shazam and SoundHound have proven to be…