Data siphoning by Chinese ad sellers continues on in Asia

The Singtech P10 features firmware linked to a Taiwanese company that sucks up all sorts of personal data and then sells ads against it.

Amazon has started selling BLU smartphones again

The e-marketplace stated to Pocketnow that its decision to reinstate BLU phones to its offerings was based on conversations with the company.

Amazon stops sales of BLU phones over “potential security issue” [UPDATE]

BLU and firmware provider Shanghai Adups have continuously insisted that research firm Kryptowire’s findings on the security of their software are wrong.

BLU phones still send all of your data to Chinese servers [UPDATE]

It is worse since November. The process is hidden better and can encompass everything about your phone from your location to what apps you install.

BLU accuses Shanghai Adups of request violation, migrating updates to Google’s systems

The Miami-based Android phone manufacturer has stopped buying firmware services from Adups and is using Google’s system now.

BLU phones sent data about calls and texts to Chinese servers [UPDATE]

Shanghai Adups, which provides firmware mostly to Chinese phone manufacturers, inadvertently gave phones from BLU inappropriate software.