AT&T Power Drum revealed unofficially as 3,000mAh Qi dual-device charger

It can charge Apple and Samsung phones as well as the Apple Watch and it will cost about $100 whenever it launches for real.

Nokia’s 5 cameras are all on the same side | #PNWeekly 321

Also on our show, Sprint goes crazy with a new plan, Fortnite’s crossplay is on Android and the Bixby key may soon get shut down… if you want it.

Original Apple Watch won’t get watchOS 5, but Apple Watch Series 1 will

The 2015 Apple Watches have been cut off from the 2016 and 2017 Apple Watches for this latest watchOS update. Is this an acceptable thing?

Apple Watch Series 2 devices with ‘expanded’ batteries will get free repairs for up to 3 years

If your 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 refuses to power on due to battery swelling, you no longer need a valid warranty to get the issue fixed up to three years after your original purchase.

Today only, you can save $200 off several Apple Watch Series 2 versions

Discontinued by its maker a while ago, the Apple Watch Series 2 is still sold through retailers like Best Buy, where it’s available on the cheap today only.

Several refurbished Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 models are here to save you a few bucks

If you don’t mind owning a used Series 1 or Series 2 Apple Watch, Cupertino’s US e-store now lets you buy a few variants at “special” prices.

Apple Pay makes official Japan debut with Suica support for public transport use

Japanese digital wallet enthusiasts can finally unlock the local full potential of Apple Pay, with both standard NFC and Suica compatibility.

Apple Watch Nike+ is ‘available’ October 28, but new buyers must wait until November

Technically, the Apple Watch Nike+ sees daylight around the world in two weeks, though new orders will take a bit more time to be fulfilled.

Apple Watch sales could take surprising year-on-year hit overall in 2016

Reputable financial analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes Apple Watch sales are unlikely to exceed 9 million units for 2016, down from 10.4M in 2015.

Ahead of Series 2 release, Apple Watch dominated premium wearable sales

The sky is the limit for the level of domination the Series 2 can achieve if the original Apple Watch ruled the sales charts through July.

‘All-new’ Apple Music and Apple Watch Series 2 also get awesome new ads (video)

James Corden makes excellent use of his unique brand of silly humor in an Apple Music commercial also starring Jimmy Iovine and Eddy Cue.

Apple Watch Series 2 battery is a full third larger than original model, teardown shows

The Apple Watch Series 2 might be similar on the outside to its predecessor, but it’s very different under the hood, with a bigger cell, among others.

Apple Store closed, iPhone 7 pre-orders imminent

Of course, if you are reading this anytime past September 9, 2016, at midnight Pacific, this is going to be a pretty irrelevant piece of news to you.

Apple Watch Edition Series 1 gone from Apple Store

No more shelling out $10K for some 24K action. Ceramic is the best we’ll all get on the Apple Watch Edition Series 2 while Series 1 keeps the Sport case.