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HTC One Mini Review
HTC One Mini Review: the One flagship in a smaller form-factor
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My journey from Sense 5 to stock Android on the Google-edition HTC One reveals the bane -and the beauty- of Android skins.
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Try the Google Play edition software on you HTC and didn’t like it? Watch this video to learn how to return your HTC One back to stock software!
Stock Android devices remind us why Sense and TouchWiz are so important
Android comes in many different forms, but one oft-requested feature is stock Android. Learn why Android OEM skins like Sense and TouchWiz are important.
HTC One Camera Feature Tour: Everything You Need To Know (Video)
“UltraPixel” buzzwords aside, the HTC One camera is a powerful photo-taker. Learn all the myriad features of this smartphone shooter with our video tour.
HTC’s Next Hurdle: Long-Term Support
HTC’s One is a stellar smartphone, but without timely Android upgrades it may quickly fall from grace. Read on for our take on the HTC One update situation.
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HTC One (Sprint) Review
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Empty Nest: What I Miss (and Don’t) About the HTC One
I got to experience the HTC One for 48 glorious hours before sending it away. Read on for the things I miss the most, and the things I’m happiest to be rid of.
Here’s Why You Should Get the HTC One
The HTC One is a heck-of-a phone! If you’re still vacillating between the One and another phone, or you’re undecided at the moment, we’ll tell you why you should get the HTC One.
The Galaxy S 4 Didn’t Make the HTC One Obsolete at All
The Samsung Galaxy S 4, as expected, threw a kink in HTC’s plans. But the HTC One is standing its ground and proving to be a fair challenge.
UltraPixel vs Megapixel: HTC One & HTC Droid DNA Camera Shoot-Out
The HTC One smartphone is a huge improvement over its predecessor, the Droid DNA. But does the One’s 4MP UltraPixel camera really offer an advantage over the DNA’s 8MP shooter? Check out our comparison to find out.
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The biggest Android smartphones of the year are launching within weeks of one another. Listen in as we weigh the pros and cons of, and our hopes and fears for, the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S IV.
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The HTC One is a premium Android smartphone, and it deserves a premium first look on camera. Join us for our unboxing and hardware tour of this landmark device.
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The HTC M7: Groundbreaking, or Just Another Android Flagship?
The rumored M7 from HTC looks like a worthy Android smartphone, but does it look capable of standing up to new threats like the Samsung Galaxy S IV? Read on for our thoughts on the newest leaks.
More HTC Sense 5 Leaks, Possible HTC M7 Sighted?
These images are reportedly screenshots taken from HTC Sense 5. We also have an alleged picture reportedly depicting the HTC M7.
HTC Sense 5 Dialer and Keyboard Purportedly Leaked
The images in this post purportedly depict the dialer and the keyboard from the upcoming HTC Sense 5 UI. Check it out!