Trump to fight Senate to protect ZTE access to US products

The Defense Department’s budget for the next year, as the senate has it written, will prevent ZTE from sourcing parts from US contractors.

US Senate passes bill protecting net neutrality, likely a symbolic gesture

The House of Representatives and President Donald Trump aren’t likely to move this bill forward further, but it’s a big reminder for voters.

BlackBerry Classic only BB10 device out of production, company says

BlackBerry is clarifying a relayed email from the Senate that purports the end of BB10 device production. It’s a surprise choice for the one device.

Obama dropped BlackBerry and now the Senate has, too

Staffers have been clinging onto their BlackBerrys for a while, but with the Ontario-based company turning a different leaf, it may not be for much longer.

Senate “encryption backdoor” bill goes public, as critics prepare to fight

The full text of the Senate’s encryption backdoor bill has been published, and it seeks to ban strong encryption.