OPPO F5 will split on RAM, OPPO F5 Youth drops a selfie camera
Dual selfie cameras on the two main models with one getting more RAM than the other. The Youth loses out on the extra selfie shooter.
Get 21 megapixels on both sides of the Meitu M6
Chinese manufacturer Meitu (not to be confused with Meizu) has another big camera phone out with two 21-megapixel cameras.
Sony Xperia XA Ultra is unique not for its 16-megapixel selfie camera, but for its OIS
The Sony Xperia XA Ultra builds upon its mid-ranger, non-“Ultra” sibling with bigger, badder cameras and a selfie fearless of shimmies.
OPPO F1 Review: Decent? Yes. Expert? No. (Video)
“Selfie Expert” is what OPPO is going with for the F1. It’s a mid-range device, so that’s going to be a tall order to pull off. Does it do so? Find out.
Accessory vs. built-in functionality: what’s the way to go?
Accessories can add a lot of utility to a phone, but building a feature in make it available all the time. Accessory vs. built-in, the debate is on!
This is the problem with so-called ‘selfie phones’
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