Nokia 8, Galaxy Note 8, accessibility rate | #PNWeekly 266

The Nokia 8 has just been launched, the Galaxy Note 8 needs launching and we’ll launch into accessibility issues in our show this week!

Motorola could do better than ShatterShield with a patent for memory glass

Moto’s plastic ShatterShield screen might not break into a million pieces, but it scratches easily. How about a self-healing glass instead?

Top G Flex 3 features we’d like to see in the LG G5

The G Flex 3 might never see the light of day, but with the rumored launch of the LG G5, we’d like to see LG cannibalize some aspects of its curvier cousin.
LG G Flex 2

The LG G Flex 2 is the best smartphone of 2015 (so far)

I try to avoid speaking in absolutes, but this is one time where I can say that this phone – the LG G Flex 2 – is the best phone of 2015… so far.

What about a plastic, self-healing screen? (Poll)

Would a self-healing screen be a compelling add on to a phone it it scratched relatively easily? We will find out with this poll.
Self Healing Phone

Self-healing cases should be standard on every smartphone and tablet

LG just upset the proverbial apple cart with their new G Flex, but not because it can bend. Read more and watch the torture test of LG’s self healing phone.