Why Pocketnow recommends Brave, a private browser that rewards users

As a publisher, we loathe ads. It’s just that they keep the lights on. But we do recommend Brave, a browser that is blocking ads, among other things.
How to use a VPN

How to use a VPN

We talk about what a VPN is, how it works, how to use it, and what the benefits of having one on your smartphone are for privacy.

Your Intel chip could be affected by three new flaws

Three new Intel flaws were discovered in certain chips that would allow hackers to access data. Read about it, and the company’s mitigation plans.
Location Tracking

Security & Privacy: Location Tracking, ergo ‘They Know Where You Are’

One of the biggest “features” of our mobile devices is also one of the largest areas of concern when it comes to privacy: location tracking.