Nest Cam IQ with Google Assistant launched along with cheaper Nest Aware plan

Basically, this move could obviate the need for a Google Home speaker, unless users actually want decent speakers. Also, more flexibility for more features.

Make your travels safer with the self-contained, all-in-one Nomad security system

If you ever wished you could take your home security camera with you while traveling, the Nomad wants to do precisely that… in late 2018.

Smart Amazon Cloud Cam security camera enables in-home Amazon Key delivery

Echo speakers were only the first step in Amazon’s ambitious smart home offensive, with the new Cloud Cam and Key platform representing the next level.

Amazon wants to put Alexa on a pair of normal-looking smart glasses next, rumor has it

Amazon’s consumer hardware ambitions could expand from tablets and smart speakers to smart glasses soon, all powered by the Alexa voice assistant.