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Apple’s new iCloud photo scanning feature draws a lot of backlash from security researchers
Apple seems to have pissed a lot of security researchers, including Edward Snowden, with its new iCloud photo scanning and CSAM features.
protect your privacy
Stop being so negligent when it comes to your privacy!
Nothing is for free. Especially not online. There’s always a price, and it’s your most valuable asset: your data. Protect your privacy!
Twitter now allows using multiple security keys for 2FA authentication
Twitter will soon allow users to log in with just a physical security key without enabling two-factor authentication.
TikTok was found tracking users and secretly collecting data
The social media app TikTok was recently discovered collecting MAC addresses from its users and bypassing Android’s built-in protections
Think twice before using Zoom again, Singapore teachers stop using it after “serious incidents”
Teachers in Singapore have been told to stop using Zoom to give classes after some children were allegedly exposed to inappropriate content
Android phones are now harder to crack than iPhones, says forensic expert
Forensic experts say that modern Android phones are now harder to crack compared to iPhones.
The Privacy Friendly Librem 5 is now shipping (for cool people)
If you’re getting concerned about how much of your privacy is sucked up and used by the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook, etc., you probably should be. The Librem 5 smartphone aims to give control back to the user.
Hong Kong protesters should be smarter about their messaging apps
Hong Kong protesters have been seeking out new ways of communicating without government intervention. Here’s a potentially much better option compared to the messaging apps that they’ve been using.
A new Android ransomware emerges and it could be serious
There’s a new Android ransomware that encrypts most of the information on your smartphone and asks for a ransom in order to decrypt it.
The Librem 5’s hardware specs & pre-orders
The highly anticipated FOSS-friendly Librem 5 smartphone now has its specs finalized and the pre-order discount is ending soon.
Apparently, I have to install spyware on my phone in order to attend a Weird Al concert
If you enjoy supporting your favorite artists by attending their shows, watch out for the AXS ticketing app. It could be a nightmare!
Brave Rewards
How Brave Browser lets you support your favorite sites with Brave Rewards
What we like about Brave is that is serves up ads with privacy in mind. What’s really cool about the Brave Browser is their new Brave Rewards system.
Pocketnow Daily: OnePlus 7 Pro is HOT, Apple affected by tariffs & more (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the official launch of the OnePlus 7 Pro, costs going up for Apple along with their prices and more.
WhatsApp vulnerability allowed installation of spyware on phones
A WhatsApp vulnerability was discovered that allowed attackers to install government-grade spyware on phones running affected versions.
Librem One is a new privacy & freedom focused software suite for your smartphone
Sick of Facebook spying on your conversations, Apple pretending to care about security, Alexa employees laughing at the things you say, and Google collecting data from your email? The Librem One suite may be a good security defense for your smartphone.
screen time
Apple issues official statement on removed screen time apps
Apple issues an official statement after reports that it anticompetitively removed screen time apps from the Store. The company cites privacy reasons.
Why Pocketnow recommends Brave, a private browser that rewards users
As a publisher, we loathe ads. It’s just that they keep the lights on. But we do recommend Brave, a browser that is blocking ads, among other things.
Think your Facebook password is safe? Think again!
A recent Facebook password issue has surfaced, and, according to reports, between 200 million and 600 million users were and their passwords were affected.
US cranks pressure on UK over Huawei, 5G
DC officials are telling their London counterparts that Huawei can still send data back to its home government and circumvent hardware inspections.
eero Wi-Fi mesh routers on sale as Amazon’s acquisition closes
The newly-minted Amazon-owned eero is reiterating pledges to ensuring customers’ privacy while they use their mesh Wi-Fi networks.
Apple patents encryption to protect iPhone users’ locations and other data
The iPhone maker is working on a new way to prevent governments and spy actors from knowing who sent what messages with encryption.
Huawei P30 Rumors! ft. Booredatwork | #PNWeekly 348
On our show, we discuss Huawei’s legal challenges in the United States and beyond. Plus, hardware talk with the upcoming P30 and current Galaxy S10!
Google Assistant Voice Match won’t unlock Android phones anymore
Google Assistant won’t use a matching sample of your voice to authenticate and unlock your phone or tablet anymore. What’s more, there are new privacy measures.
Head of UK’s MI6 stuck between competitive and security concerns on Huawei
It’s not a simple question of whether Huawei is allowed to participate in the build-out of the nation’s 5G network, but the MI6 chief’s talking about it.
Just a reminder that the Essential Phone exists and it has a fresh software update
The Feburary update has only been out for a few days and, again, it takes an upstart to deliver the quickest update on their only phone.