LG G7 ThinQ brings more noise, more screen, more AI
The speakers sound like a Boombox, the screen is actually a Super Bright Display and the AI CAM is more intelligent than ever before. LG officially makes the hard sell to consumers on the LG G7 ThinQ.
LG V30 may try to make up for Second Screen absence with ‘floating bar’, 6-inch OLED panel also ‘confirmed’
Maybe the untimely death of the “Second Screen” isn’t a major tragedy, as the LG V30 is reportedly set to bring a “floating bar” to the table instead.
LG V10 Second Screen
LG V30 may trade off Second Screen for OLED screen
There are certain complications that may make this rumor extremely plausible to be carried out, but we have no visuals on what to expect.
Every phone should have a second screen on the back
If your phone had a second screen on the back, what form would you like it to take? Small, but useful, unique, or full sized awesome?
Meizu PRO 7 rear screen leaked in series of draw-ups
If it’s got wacky hardware features, it’s gotta be a Chinese flagship smartphone, right? Meizu is rumored to be cutting the edge and painting the rear.
LG V30 leaks show one potential vision with a Priv-ish Second Screen
Evan Blass has a few good looks at one try on the LG V30. It includes a Second Screen that is offset from the main body and can extend from it.
LG V30 may feature a patented Second Screen design encircling selfie cam
The LG V30 may be a ways off as the G6 continues…
What these HTC U Ultra leaks have to do with the LG V20
These are pretty much teaser shots at this point, but what we have learned from Evan Blass is that the U Ultra might hold a Snapdragon 821.
This is the LG V20, officially out with Android Nougat and a Quad DAC system
The world has its first native Android Nougat smartphone and it boasts major multimedia hardware and software. Check out its specs here.
LG V20 photo leak consistent with prior renders
There’s nothing really special here, other than a supposedly unreleased phone being backlit and the LG brand being emblazoned on there…
Sources say new MacBook Pro coming soon, not at iPhone event
While consumers got new iMacs and MacBooks to play with this year, many creative and business types are looking forward to big Pro model upgrades.
Blass sees the LG G5 and it has a second screen
LG’s flagship Android smartphone to be launched right before MWC in Barcelona is rumored to carry over a feature first seen on the V10.
LG V10 review: upping the ante
We’ve just seen the most robust fall mobile phone releases in a…
The LG V10’s Second Screen is confusing
LG just released a smartphone with top of the line specifications, a…
LG V10 Second Screen
LG is doing with a second screen what Motorola and Nokia did with the main screens
Second Screen on the LG V10 accomplishes pretty much what Motorola and Nokia have already done with their main screens. So why is LG’s better?