Qualcomm claims Broadcom’s regime will cost two big relationships each worth $1 billion a year

In a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission, the chipmaker claims that about half of its licensing business is at risk with how Broadcom looks to conduct Qualcomm’s business.

Apple might be in trouble with US government agencies for iPhone performance throttling

The iPhone throttling scandal is far from over, as Apple still needs to answer questions from the US Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Spotify plotting direct listing to shirk typical IPO costs

The company may also shed a few of its day one investors with the listing. It could eventually put out stock within the first quarter.

Qualcomm says modem sales to Apple are declining in the midst of lawsuits

Apple and Qualcomm are locked into litigation over anti-competition accusations and failure to hold to licensing terms. The situation has gotten messy.

Some employees knew of massive email security breach since 2014, Yahoo admits

The attack, labeled as coming from a state-sponsored source, was first picked up by Yahoo. It was alleged to have affected more than 500 million accounts.