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Google denies it is keeping Chinese censored search engine alive

Still, employees are concerned about the number of changes being made to the code repository for major parts of Project Dragonfly.

Pichai tells DC pols Chinese Google search isn’t imminent, but is being modeled

Google has been developing potential search engine products for the restrictive Chinese market, its CEO tells Capitol Hill lawmakers.

iOS and macOS Spotlight web search preferences move from Bing to Google

Siri, Spotlight on Mac and Search Inside iOS functions will refer to Google engine results rather than Bing from here on out.

Nokia 8, Galaxy Note 8, accessibility rate | #PNWeekly 266

The Nokia 8 has just been launched, the Galaxy Note 8 needs launching and we’ll launch into accessibility issues in our show this week!

Google estimated to be paying Samsung even more than Apple for search engine pre-loading

As the world’s number one smartphone vendor, Samsung is likely charging Google around $3.5 billion a year for search engine preinstallation.

Google pays billions a year to be the default iPhone search option

Financial firm Bernstein estimates that this year’s total will be $3 billion, based on multiple financial line items on Google’s and Apple’s sheets.

Microsoft joins AMP project with Bing results showing them off

Bing will load Accelerated Mobile Pages from content partners who have agreed to participate in the open source project. The result? Faster access.

Microsoft Word Flow 2.0 has Bing-powered GIF search, contact and business lookup

The big “Bing” heard around iOS. You can chew through GIFs, restaurants and a whole bunch more and spit it out into your conversation.

Gesture typing among features for possible Google Keyboard on iOS

The search engine wants to drive up the amount of queries from its mobile users. Its new keyboard would heavily implement Google search.

Siri now gives relevant results when looking up abortion clinics

Apple has known about this problem for five years. After a slew of coverage on the bug, it has framed a fix to this issue as part of larger patches.

Google has so far removed 440K+ search results on ‘right to be forgotten’ grounds

18 months after the EU enforced the so-called right to be forgotten policy, Google shares some interesting stats on the work done so far in the field.

Ask Google complex questions — it’ll give its best try

We’re somewhat used to asking Google Now to set an alarm for…

App Store searches get new algorithm, more relevant results

With the Mac App Store fiasco sorted out, it’s time to refocus…

You can switch up Microsoft Edge’s search engines on Windows 10 Mobile soon

Microsoft is clingy. It’s implanted Internet Explorer as your default web browser for…

Google is getting more search volume from smartphones than PCs

Google is web search around here. Below all the smartphones and IoT…

Google Now, Siri and Cortana need to be more human

No, I’m not talking about their sound. I mean, sure, developers can…