Justice Department preparing Google antitrust investigation
The U.S. Department of Justice is preparing to launch an antitrust investigation against Google, according to several recent reports.
Google reportedly kills Chinese search engine amid company turmoil
It was an incubating product dubbed “Project Dragonfly” and was meant to pave a path for Google to launch censored web search services in China.
Google Feed, formerly Google Now, is now Google Discover
The way that Google informs its app users on the latest news and personal information will be the way that it will inform all of its mobile web users.
European Commission Google
Google faces record fine (again) for gaming Android’s dominance in Europe [UPDATE]
Google has been fined more than €4 billion for tying up Android with its search and web services. We’ve updated this story with a statement from Google.
Google Podcasts inching closer to existence
There’s code from an upcoming version of the Google Android app that signals a dedicated app for podcasts. They’re currently tucked into Google Play Music.
The 1975 are playing… games with Android SMS logs and Google search
If you’re searching up details about the rock band from Manchester or a Portuguese travel agency, you may end up finding out more about your recent texts instead.
Custom hot phrases allowed in future update to Google app
“Hey, Google,” “OK, Google,” “Yo, Google?” Perhaps soon enough with a roll-out of a new feature for Google Assistant to be updated through the Google app.
Google estimated to be paying Samsung even more than Apple for search engine pre-loading
As the world’s number one smartphone vendor, Samsung is likely charging Google around $3.5 billion a year for search engine preinstallation.
Paid App Store listings trick gullible into giving scammer devs $100 a week
In one app’s case, the Search Ads feature that’s available to iOS developers was able to get 200 users to pay $100 a week for a sham of an app.
App subscriptions just part of series of changes Phil Schiller to make to App Store
Apple is adding new ways for its app developers to make more money than they are right now. Will it be enough? And how will customers react?
Apple Music search confused, leaves users the same
Users across different iPhones and different versions of iOS are finding that Apple Music can’t. Searching up songs and artists just isn’t happening.
Google updates technology behind voice search to improve speed and accuracy
Learn more about some of the new technology changes that Google has pushed to its voice search services, as the company continues to push for innovation