Spotify Connect soon to let free users play music from smart speakers

Smart speaker developers will be able to allow Spotify free tier users to direct their streaming from their PC or phone to their speaker.

Existing iOS apps must support iPhone X notch by July

If your favorite app that you use on your iPhone X still hasn’t come to support the notch on your Super Retina Display, perhaps you have only weeks to wait before it does.

Apple Watch loses Instagram app with watchOS SDK threshold

App developers will need to drop off the watchOS 1 SDK and move onto at least watchOS 2. Instagram, for some reason, will not do that, thus the end of the applet.

Qualcomm brings Snapdragon 845 mobile VR developers’ kit to GDC

The Snapdragon 845 is expected to be the chip of choice for plenty of standalone VR headset manufacturers to drive their experiences.

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch officially begins worldwide rollout October 1, SDK available tomorrow

Priced at $299.95 stateside to undercut the Apple Watch Series 3, that long overdue Fitbit Ionic smartwatch is launching around the world in a few days.

ARCore is Google’s SDK for augmented reality without the need to Tango

All those sensors on those Project Tango phones we saw? Google doesn’t need them anymore and has a new SDK to prove it and compete with Apple.

Google Assistant wears Google Lens, takes more Actions on Google

Google Lens will help Google Assistant users learn more about what they see around them while Actions on Google extend from Google Home to phones.

Google Assistant SDK open for integration into your next hardware project

Pittsburgh-based robotics lab Deeplocal, for example, took the SDK out for a run and came back with a smart mocktail mixer.

Qualcomm introduces another piece of reference hardware, the Snapdragon VR820

Heavy-duty virtual reality headsets don’t have to be tied down with wires to driving devices. Qualcomm wants to prove that to developers with the VR820.

WWDC keynote has a start time and we don’t have a clue what iOS will be called

What will be revealed at the event? The chips are on Apple Music getting re-done, a more open Siri and a lot of new software. A lot.

Siri SDK may open Apple up to voice assistant frenzy

WWDC may be the place where Apple will join Google, Microsoft, and Amazon in the voice assistant cold war. Will Apple survive in IoT? Will it dominate?

HTC releases Dual Lens SDK for the One M8; let’s see what devs can do

With the HTC Dual Lens SDK now available to devs, we’re interested in seeing what else can be done with the One M8’s ability to calculate depth information.

Windows Phone 8.1 SDK shows a merger in apps with Windows RT, plus lots of feature updates

If you’ve been wondering exactly why Microsoft has taken so long to…