SCOTUS favors Samsung against Apple in design patent suit, case continues
Samsung is currently off the hook for $399 million, but even with the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision, the case continues.
Apple requests SCOTUS decision against Samsung on patent validity
Four years post the initial ruling against Samsung, Apple still wants that company to pay its patent design infringement damages to the brim.
Justice Department on Apple v. Samsung sides with chaebol
The Justice Department has taken Samsung’s side in a years-long patent suit that has pitted away at Apple’s patents and its awards.
Samsung gets Supreme Court to consider damages in Apple patent suit
A SCOTUS Apple patent case ruling will finally put an end to Samsung’s legal fight.
Apple v. Samsung: Apple argues against SCOTUS hearing the case
Of course it is: the company has received its damages and it does not want to risk retreading over the validity of the patents at concern.
Apple v. Samsung: Samsung will pay up, but can request a refund
Legal papers are a thick bunch. The language within them is about…