Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20
Verizon’s Black Friday deals include a new Mickey Mouse watch
There’s plenty of “buy one, get one” discounts to pass along, but the Checkmark has also taken the opportunity to launch a few products, too.
iPhone X camera glass cracking, people wonder why
The cover glass on the camera system should be made of sapphire and, thus, shouldn’t crack easily — not from keys or coins or even drops.
Zagg responds to JerryRigEverything scratch test of its Galaxy S8 screen protector [UPDATE]
Zagg responds to the JerryRigEverything video tearing apart its Sapphire Defense Curve screen protector for the Galaxy S8. Zack Nelson, who made the video, replies back.
JerryRigEverything sapphire tests give props to HTC, flunk Zagg’s Galaxy S8 screen protector
JerryRigEverything on YouTube credits HTC with manufacturing stupid larger sapphire panels to scale (albeit a small one) for its special edition U Ultra.
Europe gets sapphire in the HTC U Ultra for €849
One of the special edition phones of the year has come to Europe in a rather odd sweep. Amazon.de has pre-orders stacked by the months.
Affordable Moto G5 launches in beautiful sapphire blue hue, but only on O2 UK
Unlike the US, where the “regular” Moto G5 isn’t coming at all, British O2 subscribers can get the phone in three colors, including bright blue.
This Taiwan-exclusive HTC U Ultra sapphire version isn’t exactly new or unexpected
We’ve known about the existence of a limited HTC U Ultra edition with a sapphire screen for quite some time, so today’s launch is hardly surprising.
HTC U Ultra with sapphire screen and 128GB storage available in Taiwan next month
The phone will price at the equivalent at $920 and will be available to reserve in mid-February before shipping out a couple of weeks later.
Apple may forgive $439 million loan to bankrupted sapphire supplier
We took the time a couple of years ago to visit GT…
Apple patent reveals new way to solve its sapphire needs
Learn more about a new Apple patent that allows the company to cut sapphire in a different way, and as a result giving the company more reliable results
iPad Pro to ship in 2016 and include all new display technology
Learn more about some of the recent rumors regarding the future of the iPad Pro, or iPad Plus, as we’ve got good and bad news to share.
Apple may use Foxconn to solve its sapphire needs
Learn more about some new rumors that continue to claim that Apple will use its asian partners to build sapphire for its next iPhone.
Foxconn’s new display factory might build sapphire for Apple
Learn more about the rumored purpose for Foxconn’s new $2.6 billion display factory in China, as reports claim that there is more than displays in mind.
Unsealed GT Advanced Technologies statement paints Apple in awful light
Hear from GTAT about the bullying tactics it put up with for its now-collapsed Apple sapphire deal.
Apple and GT Advanced part ways, sapphire not included
Learn more about the recent news regarding the partnership between GT Advanced Technologies and Apple, as both companies have decided to part ways.
Apple’s sapphire partner files for bankruptcy
Learn more about the current status of GT Advanced Technologies, Apple’s partner for the production of sapphire in its future iOS lineup, and Apple Watch
Was Apple ever really planning for a sapphire-screened iPhone 6?
Is the absence of an iPhone 6 sapphire screen really a late-stage manufacturing change, or was this the plan all along?
How Apple’s sapphire-screened iPhone 6 plans went off track
A new analyst report attempts to get to the bottom of the missing iPhone 6 sapphire displays.
Sapphire and ceramic: Huawei upgrades Ascend P7 with new materials
New details on Huawei’s sapphire Ascend P7 have just become available at IFA 2014, including word of its scratch-resistant ceramic rear panel.
Huawei teases sapphire-screened smartphone
Catch up with the latest news about progress towards the launch of the first sapphire Huawei smartphone, a new version of the Ascend P7.
Kyocera Brigadier with Sapphire Screen
Kyocera Brigadier durability test: scratching up a sapphire smartphone (Video)
Kyocera’s Brigadier offers MIL-STD 810G/IP68 ratings and a “virtually scratch proof” sapphire screen; watch our durability test to see how we scratched it.
Apple’s progress in sapphire manufacturing hints to it missing on iPhone 6
Learn more about how the current progress in Apple’s Arizona facility could point to both iPhone 6 models not receiving sapphire glass this year.
The old, the new, the Anton zoom – week 31 recap: week in review
A history of smartphones, a lively weekend debate, and fun things to do with two of the latest and greatest smartphones. This is your week 31 recap.
Verizon launches sapphire-screened Kyocera Brigadier
Discover what to expect from the first sapphire smartphone to come to Verizon, the ruggedized Kyocera Brigadier.
OnePlus OneWatch leaks with circular face, sapphire crystal
See how the OnePlus OneWatch may have a leg up on the competition – assuming it’s real in the first place.