SanDisk announces first terabyte microSD card

Do you own a Galaxy S10+ with a terabyte of storage? Perhaps you would like to double that storage with a SanDisk microSD card.

SanDisk also has flash drives for iPhones on sale

The SanDisk iXpand flash drives contain a full USB port and a Lightning port on a magnetic cable. And they’re on sale right now.

Today only on Amazon: 200GB microSD cards for $35 and more

If you’ve got the cash, you can splurge on a few cards and get a terabyte of storage for $235. And if you’ve got Prime, you can get the cards in a day.

SanDisk 400GB microSD card price cut deepens

With fewer phones these days taking in microSD cards, especially those above 128GB or even 256GB, perhaps this $180 card is a bit out of place…

Save up to 33 percent on SanDisk microSD cards 200GB+ on Amazon

Fresh discounts for some major tanks for photos, videos, music, or just about any file you’d want to have on a phone or tablet or computer or wherever else a microSD can be slotted in.

Hurry and save at least 25 percent off SanDisk microSD cards tonight!

Amazon has discounts starting from 25 percent on microSD cards and memory sticks and stubs for Android and iOS devices through 3am Eastern on October 17.

Your phone might die before SanDisk’s new Industrial SD cards do

SanDisk has a trio of new SD products that can endure extreme heat and cold. And they compete really well in the small marketplace.

SanDisk releases 400GB microSD card for $249.99

It’ll take a while yet before we have 2TB microSD cards to really push storage potentials on smartphones, but in the meantime, how about 400GB?

Rumors point to iPhone 8 storage options ranging from 64GB to 512GB

There’s a rumor going around Weibo that Samsung and SK Hynix will provide 512GB storage disks for the iPhone 8, or the “iPhone Edition.”

Toshiba chip business sale back to square one after SK Hynix hostility

The South Korean rival, which would’ve only operated the business, was reportedly looking for equity, too — a no-go for Toshiba.

Apple USB-C dongles on sale through end of the year

The company has been made aware of the need for adapters from its MacBook Pro customers and is addressing it with a sale.

The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast 200th Episode Phone Giveaway!

For the Pocketnow Weekly Podcast 200th episode, we’re chatting Google I/O 2016, Motorola and Project Tango, and giving away TWO phones!

SanDisk acquired by Western Digital for $16 billion [UPDATE: finalized]

Two giants in the non-volatile memory space are coming together in a massive deal that’s valued at approximately $19 billion.

200GB microSD deal lets you supercharge your new phone’s storage on the cheap

Stuck with a puny 32GB of space on your new phone? Do something about that with this 200GB microSD deal.

SanDisk’s 200GB microSD card hits retail

The 200GB microSD announced at MWC is now available for purchase, if you’ve got $240 lying around.

SanDisk introduces 128GB microSD card for a small fortune

Smartphone storage is an increasingly problematic thing, but SanDisk aims to fix that. Enter the SanDisk 128GB microSDXC memory card. Read more about it!
64GB Smartphones

TLDR: I can get a 64GB microsd card for under $50, so why are 64GB smartphones so expensive?

Before the iPhone was born, everyone wanted an iPod. Back then you…