US formally charges Huawei with T-Mobile secrets stealing, sanctions fraud [U]

Huawei is accused of incentivizing its employees to steal trade secrets. It is claimed it also lied to banks about its ties to an Iranian company.

Huawei CFO on bail in Canada, will return to court February 6

But the legal system in Canada is considering the US Justice Departments request to expedite her south to face fraud charges on sanctions breahes.

Senators want to punish ZTE for helping Venezuela spy on its own citizens

The two senators are urging the Trump administration to see if ZTE used US parts in a citizen social credit database for the Venezuelan government.

ZTE agrees to ‘strictest’ US Commerce settlement to finally get back into business

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has officially announced an end to ZTE’s US ban, with the Chinese company required to cough up a whopping $1.4 billion.

ZTE has “certain actions” to take after US ban

The Commerce Department recently banned the Chinese telecoms company from sourcing products from United States companies, including Qualcomm and Google.

ZTE settles with US government, fined $1.2 billion

The Chinese phonemaker was found by the Commerce Department to be doing business with companies in Iran and North Korea, a sanctions no-no.

ZTE plea deal with US could be “sign of progress”

ZTE could come out from under the boulder of sanctions it has been facing for a year. But it will depend on concise government action.

Is US business with ZTE in crisis with Trump’s Commerce Department?

The sanctions that have been hanging over the head of the Chinese manufacturer may drop on February 27. Could Trump be playing hardball?

DigiKala iOS app gone because of sanctions, Iran’s marketplace off the App Store

Iranians just trying to cut their teeth in the mobile world are dealing with a big blow from listing their apps on the App Store outside of Iran.

Commerce Department grants second extension of sanctions reprieve for ZTE in the US

The Commerce Department has issued its second extension of the reprieve offered to Chinese manufacturer ZTE as it cooperates in an investigation.

Google is looking at record $3.3 billion EU antitrust fine, sources say

The conclusion of a long, drawn-out antitrust case could be finally nigh, as the European Union appears intent to fine Google a record €3 billion.