Pocketnow Daily: iPhone 12 Date: Better Late than NEVER? (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about when Apple may finally launch the iPhone 12 series, the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and more
Samsung Money by Sofi will come to the US later this summer
Samsung has announced a new competition to the Apple Card service, as the new Samsung Money debit card would arrive later this summer
Samsung Pay debit card is arriving this summer
The Samsung Pay debit card will be launched in partnership with SoFi and it will be backed by a cash management account.
Samsung Pay on Galaxy S10 to include a cryptocurrency wallet?
A recent report from Korea predicts that the Samsung Pay application on the upcoming Galaxy S10 models will include a cryptocurrency wallet.
Chase Pay customers can link up with Samsung Pay
So many banking apps, so many apps, so little sense made. But at least Chase is working with Samsung to extend its technological reach.
Samsung Pay is available in 21 markets after launching in Italy with robust local bank support
Samsung Pay is narrowly ahead of Apple Pay in terms of the number of global markets supported, even if the latter has made a much earlier debut in Italy.
LG Pay is likely launching as LG Wallet alongside the G7 in the US soon
The Korea-only LG Pay digital wallet platform has its sights set on the US market, according to reports, where it might be renamed as LG Wallet during H1 2018.
No Face ID rival for Galaxy S9, but Samsung could step up its iris recognition game
Samsung may need several more years to replicate Apple’s Face ID magic, but in the meantime, the Galaxy S9 should sport a beefed-up iris scanner.
Galaxy A8 (2018) devices blueprinted in support manual
The Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8+ will have the same general hardware layout, but that layout will be fairly impressive for a high-end mid-ranger.
New York to finally move on from MetroCard to Apple Pay and other NFC formats
The MTA will work to convert every turnstile and bus over to a new NFC-based admissions system, saving people time at vending machines and at turnstiles.
Months turn into weeks, as Android Pay also launches in Taiwan
Android Pay is already officially available in three of the five markets Google touted at I/O just a couple of weeks back.
Google confirms Android Pay rollouts in Brazil, Canada, Russia, Spain and Taiwan over the ‘coming months’
From 10 to 15 countries around the world, Android Pay looks set for a pretty robust expansion effort over the next few months.
Apple Pay is the first major digital wallet service available in Italy starting today
Following Ireland and Taiwan earlier this year, as well as more than a dozen countries previously, Apple Pay has now officially expanded to Italy.
Samsung Pay launches ‘officially’ in Sweden and the UAE, with ‘early access’ for Hong Kong and Switzerland
Samsung Pay raises its availability count to no less than 14 markets around the world, including Sweden, the UAE, Hong Kong and Switzerland.
Here’s a leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 event poster, and more info on facial recognition
Samsung is more and more likely to integrate fingerprint, iris and facial payment authorization tech into the Galaxy S8. Also, here’s an event poster.
Samsung Pay is still coming to lower-end phones eventually, and a fingerprint reader may not be required
Dreaming of using Samsung Pay on a truly affordable Galaxy phone, even without a fingerprint sensor in tow? Just wait a little while longer.
Samsung Pay launches in India, Apple Pay in Ireland, and Android Pay in Belgium
Today’s another big day for the digital wallet market, as Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay expand to Belgium, Ireland and India respectively.
Samsung Pay launching widely in Thailand, Apple Pay beats PayPal in US retailer support
Both Samsung Pay and Apple Pay continue to grow at a remarkable pace, stateside, across Asia and many other regions.
Samsung Pay is officially delayed in the UK once again, until sometime next year
Samsung Pay may have impressively expanded across a dozen countries since its 2015 debut, but on British shores, it’s again pushed back until 2017.
Samsung Pay on Gear S3 watch is ‘not available with’ Pixel phones… yet
Technically, Samsung Pay can now work on any relatively new Android phone with the Gear S3 watch. In reality, Google Pixels aren’t supported yet.
Apple Pay expands to 31 new Australian banks, Android Pay matches that count stateside
More US banks are supporting Android Pay now than you can count, as well as a rapidly growing roster of Australian Apple Pay partners.
Samsung W2017 flip phone is official in China
If you want a flip phone with a fingerprint sensor, wireless charging, a camera that can shoot 4K video and two full HD AMOLED screens… pay dearly.
Fret not, Samsung Pay is probably still coming to Canada this year, with CIBC Visa support
Confirmed as headed for Canada by the end of the year a while back, Samsung Pay could do just that next week, with limited CIBC support.
Samsung Gear S3 announcement brings Classic and Frontier designs, more technology
Samsung’s latest smartwatch features two impactful designs, a heavy dose of Samsung Pay, GPS and other sensors, and an unknown release path.
Verizon ruins the Galaxy Note 7 and Samsung’s planned freebies
Moreover, it ruins Samsung’s uniform experience that it wanted to introduce to its Note 7 buyers on Verizon. Instead, we have a hot mess.