3 ways Samsung can regain our trust

Samsung needs to make up for some mistakes of the recent past. Here are three suggestions we have for Samsung to regain our trust.

Would a removable battery have solved Samsung’s Note 7 problem?

Samsung’s Note 7 problem seems to revolve around the battery casing or manufacture. Would making them removable have solved this problem before it started?

This Samsung Note 7 fire thing is getting out of control

Coverage of the Samsung Note 7 fire incidents are reaching a fever pitch. But at this point, isn’t the coverage perpetuating itself?

Is the Samsung Note 7 iris scanner necessary?

The Samsung Note 7 made its appearance this week and on board…

Is it time for Samsung to really innovate on the Note 7?

Samsung has been working on the same formula for some time now – take the S phone, make it bigger, add a pen. But is it time to innovate the Samsung Note 7?