Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20
We keep on getting Memorial Day deals, now from Verizon and Best Buy
We have some more Memorial Day deals available for you. This time they come from Best Buy and Verizon
Samsung Galaxy S20 series gets a new software update to boost its camera
Samsung has released a new software update that will improve the camera on your Samsung Galaxy S20 device, with better autofocus and more
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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
These could be the new Samsung Galaxy S21 camera specs
The latest rumors mention the possible specs in the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S21, and they include a primary 150MP sensor
The Samsung Galaxy S20 series has boosted 5G adoption, but sales aren’t so good
Maybe 5G adoption has increased with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series but Samsung’s latest flagship isn’t doing so hot in sales
Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Starts to BREAK! (video)
Today’s deals start with the new 10.2-inch iPad and more Deals. We’re…
Samsung’s warranty may not cover your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s broken camera bumps
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is now having a physical issue that affects its camera module, and it may not be covered by Samsung’s warranty
Galaxy S20 Ultra users now report broken rear camera glass problem
Galaxy S20 Ultra users suggest a design imperfection as the reason behind the camera glass breaking without any notable mechanical damage or fall.
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On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about Apple’s plans to include its own processors in future Macs, OnePlus 8 Pro display issues and more
OnePlus 8 Pro, Prakhar Khanna
OnePlus 8 Pro devices are also getting a green tint on their displays
The new OnePlus 8 Pro is starting to have issues that resemble the one we previously saw on the display of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Samsung pulls software update which causes Galaxy S20 Ultra issues
The latest Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra software update has been taken down, and it’s no longer available for download after some issues with the devices
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s fast charging isn’t so fast anymore
It seems that the latest software fix for green tinted screens has made the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s charging speeds drop
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Galaxy Note10
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could bring the same battery size as the S20
It seems that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series may include some of the same specs as the ones found in the Galaxy S20 devices
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra users now hit by weird green tint issue on the display
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra users are reporting that the green tint mostly appears when the 120Hz refresh rate mode is enabled
You can now click photos on your Galaxy S20 using a Samsung smartwatch
Samsung’s Camera Controller app has added support for the Galaxy S20 series, allowing users to capture photos using a smartwatch on their Samsung flagship.
Huawei P40 vs Samsung Galaxy S20
Samsung launches 50% buyback guarantee program for Galaxy S20 series
Samsung will give you up to $800 on the Galaxy S20 Ultra if you return it in good condition within two years of purchasing it.
best smartphones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC.
It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S20 series may sell less than the S10
Sales numbers for the Samsung Galaxy S20 don’t seem promising, as smartphone sales are still being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
HUAWEI P40 Pro+ vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Android smartphones with the most RAM in the market – March 2020
We have made a list with the best Android smartphones in the market that include the most significant amount of RAM available right now
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
The best 5G smartphones available right now (March 2020)
These are currently, some of the best 5G enabled smartphones you can get in the market with great specs and cameras as well
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HUAWEI P40 Pro+ vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
The Samsung Galaxy S20 gets another update to fix camera
Autofocus issues with the cameras in the Samsung Galaxy S20 series devices with Exynos processors are starting to get fixed with a software update
These are the best 5G devices, deals and plans available on Verizon
If you want to upgrade to a new 5G enabled device, Verizon has excellent choices, along with some interesting deals and unlimited plans for you
Can you take the Samsung Galaxy S20 for a swim? Is it waterproof?
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Series includes some of the greatest smartphones available in the market, and here you can see just how good is its water resistance
HUAWEI P40 Pro+ vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 100X zoom: what does it mean?
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra offers 100X zoom capability. But how is it achieved, how good can it be, and what are the drawbacks? Read on to find out.