samsung experience 10

Samsung Experience 10 leaked again, shows more proof of UI overhaul

The upcoming version of Samsung Experience 10 will bring a completely new and fresh look to your Note9 and Galaxy S9. Check it out!

Galaxy S8 US beta program for Android Oreo ends tomorrow

From January 26, it will be anyone’s guess when their carriers or when Samsung itself will update their Galaxy S8 or S8+ with Android 8.0.

RIP Pebble and Apple’s business post iPhone | #PNWeekly 230

On our podcast, we rip into Fitbit’s handling of its acquisition of Pebble and look into our crystal balls (as if we don’t do that enough) on Apple.

Galaxy Beta Program shows off TouchWiz’s new name: Samsung Experience

If you have a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge enrolled in the Galaxy Beta Program, you’re going to see no signs of “TouchWiz” anywhere.