Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo are all expected to boost their global sales numbers this year

China’s top four smartphone vendors should all be able to increase their global sales scores this year, thanks mainly to improved foreign performance.

Android rises to record 88 percent Q3 smartphone sales share, as Windows ‘all but disappears’

According to Strategy Analytics, nearly 88 percent of smartphones sold worldwide during Q3 2016 were powered by Android, up from 84 last year.

Samsung’s smartphone vendor dominance unchallenged in Q3, OPPO closed the gap to Huawei

Samsung lost a few percentage points, but stayed on top of the smartphone vendor ranks in Q3, with OPPO and Vivo the quarter’s best growers.

Garmin is the lone winner of a disastrous Q3 smartwatch report, as Apple and Lenovo crash and burn

Believe it or not, Garmin was the only smartwatch player that impressed with its Q3 2016 sales numbers, as Apple posted disappointing scores.

iPhone 7 expands to 30 new markets, sales so far estimated as weaker than 6s

It’s no big surprise that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus aren’t as popular as the 6s duo, though the popularity gap doesn’t feel dramatic at the moment.

IDC: ‘Smart wearables’ in general and the Apple Watch in particular performed poorly during Q2

It’s undoubtedly time for an Apple Watch sequel, as the original continues to lose its mojo, with Fitbit the even clearer than before Q2 wearable victor.

Galaxy S7 Edge rules best-selling Android smartphone list, surprisingly followed by J2

Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy S7 Edge racked up the best H1 2016 sales numbers of all of the world’s Android phones. Shockingly, the Galaxy J2 ranked second.