OnePlus 6 breaks vague sales records while scoring launch-day update with notch-hiding option

Thanks to the first OnePlus 6 software update, released as the phone’s global sales were opening, early adopters will be able to hide the notch right out the box. Also, shoot super slow motion video.

OnePlus 5T breaks launch day sales records, lacks Project Treble support

With or without Project Treble, the OnePlus 5T, 5, 3T and 3 will all get Android 8.1 “later.” In the meantime, the 5T is shaping up like a smash hit.

Samsung celebrates one million Galaxy Note 8 sales in Korea alone

After a raucous pre-order start, the S Pen-wielding Samsung Galaxy Note 8 achieved the one million Korean sales milestone in 48 days total.

Xiaomi starts Western European expansion after another month of 10 million+ global sales

Xiaomi is having a pretty great year in terms of global smartphone volume, and so it’s definitely no surprise to see the Chinese OEM expanding to Spain.

Xiaomi just had a record-setting month, selling 10 million+ smartphones in September

Xiaomi was the world’s fifth most successful smartphone manufacturer during a record-breaking Q2 2017, and it just set another record in September.

Big in India: Xiaomi sold 1 million smartphones on Amazon and Flipkart in just 2 days last week

Flipkart and Amazon’s recent promotions in India further raised Xiaomi’s regional profile, making us wonder if perhaps Samsung’s domination is in danger.

Galaxy Note 8 has best US pre-order tally in series history

Good pre-orders lead to good sales and that’s what Samsung is tracking for the Note 8 not just in the US, but in Korea as well.

Premium OnePlus 5 easily passes durability tests, gets off to flying start at box office

Already hailed as the company’s fastest selling device ever, the freshly released OnePlus 5 also shines in typical durability experiments.

Samsung US talks up early Galaxy S8/S8+ demand as Korean pre-order scores are updated

Samsung’s hot new Galaxy S8 and especially S8+ are unsurprisingly far more popular than the S7 and S7 Edge both in the US and Korea.

Samsung officially forecasts rising profits for Q1 2017, nearly breaking all-time records

Even with the Galaxy Note 7 out of the picture, the Galaxy S8 not yet released and the S7 getting a bit long in the tooth, Samsung made a boatload of money.

Apple A10 chipmaker TSMC reports record Q3 profit, and it’s all thanks to the iPhone 7

In case you needed further proof the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are selling better than anticipated, A10 SoC supplier TSMC just had a monster quarter.

Apple sales records, Blackberry security, and we get stuff wrong | Pocketnow Weekly 211

Apple sells it’s billionth phone, BB claims to have the most secure Android ever, and we get stuff wrong in a recent review. Pocketnow Weekly episode 211!

Xiaomi crosses 110 million global Redmi phone sales, beefs up offline presence in India

The low-cost, low to mid-end Xiaomi Redmi smartphone family has apparently racked up impressive sales these past 3 years – 1.21 units per second on average.