Samsung Galaxy S9+ review
8 million Galaxy S9 and S9+ shipments estimated for launch month, 14m iPhone X units during Q1
If the most recent Canalys numbers are correct, Samsung shipped 8 million Galaxy S9 and S9+ units in a single month, while iPhone X shipments totaled just 14 mil for the entire first quarter.
Apple’s HomePod is in trouble, with weak sales so far and inventory ‘piling up’
If it wasn’t already abundantly clear, suppliers and analysts have confirmed Apple’s HomePod struggles in a Bloomberg report, with sales significantly below internal expectations.
Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo are all expected to boost their global sales numbers this year
China’s top four smartphone vendors should all be able to increase their global sales scores this year, thanks mainly to improved foreign performance.
iPhone X resale value
Weak iPhone X demand impacts Q1 and full-year sales predictions for entire device lineup
Due to iPhone X sales failing to meet expectations, the number of financial analysts predicting lower numbers for all of Apple’s current handsets is growing.
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review
Galaxy S9 sales got off to a slow start in Korea, but global expectations are still high
Samsung’s Galaxy S9 sales numbers may not have exceeded S8 scores on their first day in Korea, but down the line, they should be slightly higher around the world.
Apple is reportedly reacting to slow iPhone X sales with a big production cut
Apple can no longer realistically expect to ship 40 million iPhone X units this quarter, substantially revising down its internal production targets.
iPhone X shipment forecasts getting bleaker, 2018 models expected to sell like crazy
It’s not looking good for Apple’s iPhone X, which may end up selling just 18 million units in Q1 2018, and 12 mil in Q2. But its three sequels should do great business.
Samsung will focus on profits starting 2018, setting moderate smartphone sales goal
Samsung probably sold around 320 million smartphones in 2017, and its expectations for 2018 circle that same number as profits become more important than volume.
iPhone X could help Apple break shipment and average selling price records this quarter
Apple is in record-breaking form this year-end quarter, according to IHS Markit research, as the lucrative iPhone X continues to sell like hotcakes.
Apple Stores will have a few iPhone X units available on November 3, 20 million shipments tipped for 2017
You’ll need to be very quick to get the iPhone X at launch, either online or offline, since shipments are only expected to hit 20 million units this year.
The Apple Watch ‘story’ has merely begun, and sales are already estimated at 33 million overall
The best is yet to come for the Apple Watch family, according to a reputable analyst, with sales numbers thus far exceeding a remarkable 33 million.
Samsung ‘thinks’ it can sell 11 million+ Galaxy Note 8 units, Chinese Bixby is nearly completed
Even with the iPhone 8 around the corner and the Galaxy S8 duo still selling like hotcakes, Samsung wants and believes in great Galaxy Note 8 numbers.
iPhone 8 ‘supercycle’ expectations deflated by Deutsche Bank analysts, 2018 sales forecasts still decent
There’s not enough reason to expect a sales “supercycle” with the launch of Apple’s iPhone 8 this fall, according to fresh market analysis.
IDC predicts large smartphones will continue to rise in popularity, overall market growth also expected
The global smartphone market should “rebound slightly” this year, according to IDC research, and continue to grow at a decent pace through 2021.