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$2,000 Galaxy Fold looks to be only available through AT&T and T-Mobile

These two carriers have typically gotten more phones to work on its network thanks to its GSM protocol, but this is an odd exclusive: the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung sells 2 billion Galaxies (and counting) in a decade

For Samsung and its Galaxy S series that started back in 2009 when Android barely knew what it wanted to be, its decade ain’t even over yet.

B&H activates sales of Nokia 5.1 Plus for $200

A budget Nokia Android phone for $200 sounds pretty good to us. And it’s finally up for sale. Here’s how you can get yours.
Mate 20 Pro report

Minus Huawei, Chinese phone makers face challenges at home and abroad

Despite all the gains that Chinese smartphone makers have made, it seems that most of them are struggling along with the rest of the industry.

LG Q9 One is the company’s first Android One phone under a different name

And it will be arriving in South Korea with the same specs as it did when it was known elsewhere as the LG G7 One. At least there’s Android One.

After spy debacle, Huawei phones still sell well in Poland

Amid ongoing controversies in Europe, much less Poland, Huawei says it is maintaining good smartphone sales in the country.

Apple supplier Largan expects triple-camera demand from other OEMs to boom

Apple may have suffered big losses from iPhone sales thus impacting Largan, but the glass supplier isn’t worried and is focusing on more applications.

The OnePlus 6T did REALLY well in the US and India this holiday…

OnePlus was in the top 5 sellers for the premium smartphone market in the US and the number one premium seller in India. Check out our competitive analysis.

Best Buy starts selling Google Fi SIMs, talk-and-text-only service

Google Fi is expanding its ground game from nonexistent to more than 500 Best Buy locations in the United States with SIM card sales.

Apple won’t give numbers, so CIRP estimates 62 million iPhone sales

If Apple won’t talk about its dropping iPhone sales, than the market will take their guesses. One research firm has given its number and it ain’t pretty.

In-Depth: Why did iPhone revenue tumble 15 percent?

A strong US Dollar has caused runaway price hikes in emerging markets that have made the new iPhones unappealing to foreign buyers.

Android and iOS upgraders may be staying put

If you bought a new or used phone this holiday season, chances are you probably stuck with the same operating system as your old phone.
iPhone Xr

Another Japanese carrier cutting iPhone XR prices

A discount on new iPhones from the carrier side never really happens, but this year, we’ve seen plenty of it happening, especially for the iPhone XR…

App Store and the “tax” may be Apple’s lurking shark

It’s not just Apple’s 30 percent cut from app publishers’ revenues that has one analyst worried: it’s the App Store’s sole existence on iOS.

Apple may have sold off its last iPhone SE stock

The iPhone SE was put to bed last year, but this weekend may have seen its true last hurrah. Apple put it on clearance at its website.

Bad Apple sales are leaving 50,000 Foxconn contract workers without a job

Apple’s bad iPhone sales are now even affecting Foxconn’s contract workers that are losing their jobs because of production cuts

Taiwan electronics industry failing because of iPhone XS

The National Development Council blamed Apple’s lack of innovation for its declining iPhone sales affecting Taiwan’s manufacturing industry.

The iPhone XR could be responsible for Apple’s sales problems

It seems that the main cause for Apple’s sales problems is the iPhone Xr and how much was expected from this “low-cost” iPhone