Jolla Sailfish OS begins life on Planet Computers Gemini PDA
Sailfish OS is still kicking around and it has a new toy to play with: it’s a PDA that made big splashes during CES 2018.
Third Sailfish OS generation expands support for smartphones, dumb phones and modern PDAs
Sailfish OS is billed as the world’s only “alternative” mobile operating system at MWC 2018, coming soon to Sony’s Xperia XA2, the next-gen Gemini PDA, and unnamed feature phones.
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Here are some of the most luxurious mobile technology products that we found at the 2017 Luxury Technology Show in New York City.
What the hell is the Turing Phone doing? Drops Android for Sailfish OS
Android, shmandroid! After missing yet another shipment deadline, we get word of a Turing Phone Sailfish OS platform change.
Jolla hands-on: a day with the new Sailfish flagship (Video)
It’s a one-of-a-kind smartphone running a brand-new OS, and we took it for a spin around Boston. Join us for our Jolla phone hands on video!