Third Sailfish OS generation expands support for smartphones, dumb phones and modern PDAs

Sailfish OS is billed as the world’s only “alternative” mobile operating system at MWC 2018, coming soon to Sony’s Xperia XA2, the next-gen Gemini PDA, and unnamed feature phones.

The Google Rumor Roundup: mobile that matters

From the Pixel phones to the Andromeda products to all things smartening up the Internet of Things and your Wi-Fi network, Google is getting on steroids.

Google Pixel pricing said to start at $649, question of Verizon exclusivity hangs

The Pixel and Pixel XL may be financed if you’re lucky and will come with options to extend its warranty. Also, Verizon will have a lot to do with them.

Nexus Launcher looks to be rebadged as Pixel Launcher [UPDATE: APK]

The Nexus Launcher is not happening, but the exact same thing is. It’s just going to be called the Pixel Launcher, because… Google. Phones.

Google Pixel phone, aka Nexus Sailfish, gets rendered from every possible angle

This isn’t the 5-inch (or so) Google Pixel ‘Sailfish’ in the flesh, but it’s pretty much the next best thing: render images and a 360-degree video.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones could kick off pre-orders on October 4, sales on October 20

Pre-orders for Google Pixel and/or Pixel XL smartphones are rumored to begin the same day the two are announced, including from carriers.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones tipped to launch pre-loaded with Android 7.1 Nougat

Android 7.1 is technically still a Nougat variation, but it could bring a number of big new features to the table, starting with the Pixel and Pixel XL.

Save the date: October 4 tipped as announcement date for Pixel phones, 4K Chromecast, and more

We’re reportedly only a month or so away from the official death of the Nexus brand, and the rise of Google Pixel phones, as well as some other stuff.

Delayed April Fools’ prank? Turing Phone Cadenza is ‘expected’ in 2017 with dual Snapdragon 830

The Turing Phone Cadenza is the most advanced mobile device you won’t ever be able to actually own, looking as realistic as a Hulk Hogan US presidency.

HTC Nexus devices now believed to be Pixel, Pixel XL

The devices, codenamed “Sailfish” and “Marlin,” will reportedly not be known as Nexus smartphones, but rather the “Pixel” and the “Pixel XL”.

Sources: HTC-made “Nexus” will be “Google” phones

HTC has long been said to be making Google’s Nexus-branded smartphones this year. It may just be making two “Google” phones after all.

It seems that HTC Nexus pricing will take a hike

HTC and Google may command a higher price for the coming Nexus devices. Some would say comparatively and uncomfortably high.

LG V20 will be announced before, likely shipped after Nexus launch

The V20 will be loud and clear known on September 6. But word is that it won’t be shipped to customers until after when the Nexus phones launch. In October.

Nexus Launcher, Google Assistant expected in Android Nougat Maintenance Release 1

All of the major features that have been leaked over the course of the year for Android 7.0 Nougat may come in a maintenance update this fall.

You can bet the farm now on the Nexus Marlin featuring SD820, 4GB RAM, 13/8MP cams

Too early to know anything for sure about the Google/HTC Nexus Marlin? Well, we’re 99 percent certain these are its main tech specs.

Rumors about Google-branded, non-Nexus smartphones are back on the table

A pair of Google-branded phones could debut next month instead of two new Nexus models, which HTC may or may not help produce and sell.

FCC inspects HTC Nexus devices, both of them

Documents submitted to the FCC indicate that these two devices will be supported by Google through that company’s Nexus program.

Sailfish photos leaked, giving us first real-ish look at Nexus

Real pictures of what’s claimed to be the smaller of two near-identical Nexus phones have come out. Rumors about its design have also been dispelled.

That definitely looks like an HTC-made Nexus in a Google Photos promo

The promo shows off some Googlers jumping up for a photo, only for it to not be taken. Darn “Storage Full” box. Well, what’s the phone, there?

Even more benchmarks surface to confirm 4GB RAM and SD820 inside Nexus Sailfish

We don’t know its market name, and we can’t be 100 percent sure of the manufacturing company either, but most of the Nexus Sailfish specs are set in stone.

Verizon is expected to carry both 2016 Nexus devices, but likely on its own terms

Carrier exclusivity is probably out of the question, but we wouldn’t be shocked to see the 2016 Nexus Sailfish and Marlin “bloatified” on Verizon.

Could a Nexus-only Night Mode shun Android Nougat?

Android Nougat might not have the code that will let every Android device ease up on your eyes at night. It could be a Nexus exclusive.

Benchmark lends credence to solid, not stellar Google Nexus Sailfish specs

Likely following in the footsteps of the LG-made Nexus 5X in October, but built by HTC, the Nexus Sailfish could sport 4GB RAM and a 5-inch FHD screen.

HTC Nexus release date rumored to be October 4

Why October? Perhaps to get out of the way of longtime partner LG as it sells the first smartphone with Android Nougat native on the device.

Android 7.0 Nougat due with August 5 security update

If we don’t learn of anything else, the new Android OS update will take place before Google announces its new Nexus hardware.