YouTube playback speed

Some mature and violent videos will be removed from YouTube

recent changes to YouTube’s policies will try to keep children safe and away from videos that contain mature and violent content

Galaxy Note 9 battery overheats, smokes out, now subject of lawsuit

According to a lawsuit, a New York woman was inside an elevator with a Note 9 oozing smoke and that Samsung should’ve known about the defection.

Firefighters battle Verizon throttling during Mendocino fires

Santa Clara County Fire Department has been fighting with Verizon to remove data speed throttling from its account while it has been fighting the blaze.

TeenSafe, a texting monitor app for parents, has leaky servers

They are not password-protected and store clients’ children’s Apple ID passwords in plain text. Those are two big rules crossed.

Six types of AmazonBasics Portable Power Banks under recall affecting 260,000 units

Power packs of varying capacities are included in this recall, voluntarily forwarded by Amazon to the CPSC. Click through to see if yours is at risk of malfunctioning.

Apple begins replacing batteries for older iPhones earlier than announced

Originally set for late January, the company is now offering $29 rates for out-of-warranty battery replacements on throttled iPhones.

Honolulu bans eyes on phones while walking

In fact, you can be fined if you put your eyes on one of a bunch of electronic devices while crossing the street. You can still record audio, somehow.

OnePlus rolling out update for emergency calls bug, other Android phones still at risk

But it’s not just the OnePlus 5 that’s affected by a bug that kills 911 and 999 calls — several other Android phones do so with no clear pattern to it.

Fire in waste unit erupts at Samsung SDI factory in China

No reports of major implications have come out of this fire in the Beijing-adjacent city of Tianjin, but there is the perception factor.

LG once again feels the need to declare G6’s battery safe

The big safeguard the chaebol is promoting in order to ensure consumers’ attention to safety is met? A heat pipe. Like on the Galaxy Note 7.

Trusted Contacts from Google, for when you need someone watching over you

The new app from Google isn’t an attempt to bring Big Brother into your life, but keep the people in your life informed when you need more security.

Study finds 99 percent of counterfeit Apple chargers bought online fail ‘basic’ safety tests

Counterfeit Apple chargers and adapters could theoretically pose a fire hazard in around 99 out of 100 cases, according to British safety inspectors.

LG shows off V20 safety tests in wake of Note 7 fallout

LG officials showed how the V20 undergoes a 60,000-point test to meet certain durability standards before heading out for sale.

Samsung customer rep exposed with text to another Galaxy Note 7 burn victim

One in Louisville on Wednesday and another in Farmington, Minnesota on Friday. Now we learn of a third Note 7 bursting into flames… from Tuesday.

Worried for your Euro 2016 safety? Get this free app, and ensure you’re always informed

You probably can’t fight terrorism with a free Android and iOS app, but football fans should rely on SAIP during Euro 2016 for vital security information.