Rugged Cat S41 comes to the US at $449 with 5000mAh battery and 5-inch Full HD screen

The Android Nougat-powered Cat S41 is more than your typical rugged smartphone, and it’s up for grabs in the US now with very respectable specs.

WhatsApp extends support for BlackBerry, Nokia until July 2017

BlackBery OS and BlackBerry 10 devices along with the Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian S60 have their support periods extended with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp gets ready to drop unpopular platforms – including BlackBerry

BlackBerry WhatsApp support is about to go away for good, along with Symbian and other aging platforms.

Cat announces its new and more rugged S40

Learn more about the new Cat S40 smartphone, a new device that takes rugged to a whole new level, even though at a crazy price tag.