Android’s State of Emergency | #PNWeekly 262

Android phones have trouble dialing 911 (or 999) and Lenovo is teaming up with Disney to send you on Jedi Adventures! All on this week’s show!

Siri loses ground to Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana in a year’s time

Apple’s AI-powered assistant as well as Samsung’s have lost users from May of last year to this May. Google, Microsoft and Hound have made some gains.

Samsung just bought a text-to-speech company to presumably help with its Bixby smart speaker

Samsung’s latest acquisition likely targets the progress of its Bixby assistant and an AI-powered smart speaker, which need all the help they can get.

Samsung digital assistant Bixby is based off of S Voice, has AI features

Bixby is supposed to head into the Galaxy S8 in April, but with S Voice being a critical failure, we have to wonder how much there is to the “base”.

Samsung voice assistant based on Viv will launch with Galaxy S8

Viv, an artificial intelligence firm founded by one of Siri’s creators, was acquired by Samsung this year and is being put to full use for next year.

Samsung could go with iPhone 7 Plus strategy for Galaxy S8

You can get a 4K display and two rear cameras on your next Galaxy S8, but you’re going to have to pay dearly for it, just as with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Samsung’s future S Voice app looks like Siri, again

As popular and successful as Samsung may be, the company has taken…

The Siri Effect: Why Android Needs A Better Voice Interface

Android’s voice interface is great, but it lacks any of the warmth or personality of Apple’s Siri. Read on to see why I think this is a real handicap for Google Now in the battle for smartphone voice control.

A Week Without A Keyboard (Android Edition)

Recently I was asked the question, “what would happen if you couldn’t use your keyboard at all? What if you had to use voice input for everything?” That sounded like a question worth answering, not to mention a fun way to embarrass myself in public. So I decided to give it a go.

The Case For Voice Control On Mobile

Voice input is the victimless crime of the wireless world; it doesn’t hurt anyone, it doesn’t irreparably impair the usefulness of devices, and it provides a feature that some people find useful. Yet it gets hate from a lot of corners of the internet calling it a useless gimmick.

Voice Control Is The Next Big Thing, If Done Right

There’s no denying that the definition of what a smartphone is has…

You Didn’t Use Siri On The iPhone; Will You Use It On The iPad? (Video)

Our own Jaime Rivera has already whipped up a full preview of iOS 6, but I thought I’d take a ground-level look at just one of its features- specifically, how Siri feels on a tablet. Siri bursts onto the scene in iOS 6 with new features and a new format for the big screen of the iPad, so it’s time to take a look at what she offers this time around. Click the video below for some of the most scintillating human-to-robot-to-human conversation this side of Anakin Skywalker’s droid lab.

One Day With S-Voice Was Enough

Until a few days ago, I’d never used one of these latest-generation voice command applications. S Voice has been my only exposure to this brave new world of vocally-powered control. While I was mildly impressed at how many corners of the phone could feel the warm touch of S Voice, I didn’t feel a compelling need to explore many of them. And when I did, the lackluster performance of the app reminded me why I just stick to tapping and swiping most of the time.

Samsung Confesses To Blocking S Voice, Tells Everyone Why

According to the manufacturer, they are indeed blocking S Voice and it is because “Samsung Electronics does not want consumers to judge the quality of the voice feature based on a test version”.