Rogers spending $100 million to cover 1,000km of rural Canada with LTE

The money will go towards covering roads out of smaller regional centers to rural towns and provide any caller access to emergency services.

Alphabet X’s Project Loon headed next for Kenya

Google’s parent company has been experimenting with ways to distribute internet access from balloons miles up in the air.

T-Mobile fined $40 million for deceiving rural callers

It was not only failing to connect calls to the Wisconsin farmland, but inserting fake ring tones to make callers think they’re getting connected.

Customers roaming with Verizon are getting kicked off October 17

Rural Verizon customers are about to drop off the network like flies as Big Red is moving away from roaming partners with costs skyrocketing.

Unsung Sony Xperia XZ Premium is unsung no more | #PNWeekly 259

Erica Griffin, The Technology Nerd That Likes to Film Stuff, has filmed her takes on the OnePlus 5 and Xperia XZ Premium. We chat with her on our show!

T-Mobile funds PBS stations’ relocation efforts in the wake of 600MHz auction

Many rural stations that extend their signal through translators wouldn’t have the money to realign frequencies or even shut them down without this cash.

AT&T fixed wireless service live for 70,000 locations in 9 states

Fixed wireless internet now covers over 70,000 rural areas in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, the Carolinas, Tennessee and Louisiana.