TCL has 5G smartphone, router and USB hub

The big 5G product from TCL coming this year is a USB hub for laptops to gain bonker internet speeds for streaming from anywhere.

Patch to Google Cast bug will speed up Google WiFi, Chromecast devices

Users of those devices were disappointed to see slow speeds and no one exactly knew why, but Google’s put the spanner to the works.

Wi-Fi WPA2 standard subject to KRACKS — key reinstallation attacks

The encryption keys that your phone or computer and your Wi-Fi router may not be as safe as you think they are. The scramble is on for a fix.

Verizon SmartHub is a cellular smart home router

In an intersection between cellular hotspots and smart home hubs, it’s a combination LTE data router and smart home manager. Simple enough.
Google WiFi mesh

Google WiFi runs on USB Type-C to Pixel C spec

According to Google engineer and USB-C geek Benson Leung, you can charge your Pixel C with the same adapter these new router modules run off of.

Google WiFi router rumored to mesh network, be controlled by OnHub app

Details about Google WiFi are shaky at this point, but at this point, the company could be looking to compete with routers that can mesh into a network.
Google OnHub

Here’s what the Google OnHub should have been

OnHub is Google’s first foray into home networking. It gets a lot of things it gets right, but not everything. Here’s what’s wrong, and why it matters.