US Galaxy S8+ root process doesn’t trigger Knox
And yes, it does apply to the Galaxy S8 as well. And it took a team of six members several months to get this exploit together.
root the nexus 6
How to root the Nexus 6
We recently talked about why to root your phone, but that left many asking the question: How do I root the Nexus 6? Luckily, it’s not all that difficult!
root Nexus 6
Here’s why I rooted my Nexus 6
For an increasing number of us Power Users, “stock plus root” is the way to go. Here’s why I went with a Nexus 6 root, but kept the stock ROM.
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Seven things you still need root to do, and two things that don’t
Some things that used to require you to root your Android are built-in features now. Here are a few that still need root access, that probably shouldn’t.
lg g watch root
How (and why) to root the LG G Watch
There are many reasons why you’d want to root your phone, but an LG G Watch root via a custom ROM? Yup. And it’s awesome!
Geohot’s Towelroot will root Galaxy S5 on AT&T and Verizon, almost every other Android
Geohot’s new Towelroot root method can be used to root AT&T and Verizon-branded Galaxy S5 phones, along with almost every other Android device available.
root the Nokia X
Turn your Nokia X into a real Android (video)
The Nokia X is an Android that doesn’t look like it is. Here’s how to Root the Nokia X and make it look like a real Android.
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A new BusyBox is on the horizon, here’s why you should be excited
What is BusyBox, and what do we know about a new BusyBox that may be replacing the old one? I’m glad you asked! Read on to find out.
Ultimate Dynamic Navbar
Customize, theme, and tweak your soft buttons with this app (video)
Check out this app which lets you change, theme, & automatically hide your Android’s soft buttons – sort of. Watch the video to to see what I mean.
Here’s Why You Should Avoid Rooting Your Android Phone
Read about what rooting is — and why you might not want to do it — in this informative article from Joe the Android Guy.
How to Root Your Galaxy Nexus Without Unlocking the Bootloader (Video)
Learn how you can root your Galaxy Nexus without OEM unlocking it, and without wiping your device.
Nexus 7 running Elite Kernel
Elite Kernel Turns Your Nexus 7 Into a Completely New Device (Video)
Read about how to get insane amounts of speed out of your Nexus 7 by flashing the Elite Kernel.