BlackBerry Hamburg certified by FCC as CEO talks details

The FCC has certified some wireless capabilities of the first of two new Android devices the company will make. BlackBerry has an event for July 26.

Get the full scoop on the upcoming BlackBerry Neon, Argon, and Mercury phones

Instead of giving up on producing phones, or at least taking it easy in the hardware sector, BlackBerry apparently has a trio of new Androids up its sleeve.

Purported photo of TCL-made BlackBerry Neon, aka Hamburg, crops up online

The BlackBerry Neon is reportedly coming to light up the Canadian OEM’s financials, unfortunately with a familiar design and unremarkable specs in tow.

BlackBerry Priv said to be ‘really struggling’ on AT&T, with ‘more returns’ than expected

The modest consumer appeal of the BlackBerry Priv is confirmed by an AT&T exec, who says the carrier saw “more returns than we would like.”

All-touch BlackBerry Hamburg reveals mid-range specs in pre-release benchmark

The second Android smartphone from BlackBerry, codenamed Hamburg, might see daylight really soon with a 5.2-inch Full HD screen and 3GB RAM in tow.

John Chen says BlackBerry hardware unit close to making money

After losing money on hardware for years and investor calls for the company to quit on smartphones, BlackBerry CEO John Chen is all smiles.

BlackBerry Rome and Hamburg leaks were stolen renders

Render leaks we saw of a couple of BlackBerry devices are not real leaks nor are they at all official. In fact, they were stolen from a publication.

Are these BlackBerry’s next phones? Leak shows off models Rome and Hamburg

Are these BlackBerry renders the company’s new 2016 Android-based lineup? Meet the BlackBerry Hamburg and Rome.