Roborock S6 MaxV review
Roborock S6 MaxV review: the robot vacuum you need to have
If you can afford it, definitely get one. You won’t be disappointed. Read our Roborock S6 MaxV review to find out why we recommend it.
Roborock’s S6 MaxV robotic vacuum cleaner has two cameras and a really smart AI
The new Roborock robot vacuum cleaner’s advanced object recognition technology allows it to even detect and avoid dog poo.
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Best of CES 2020: Finally a good show! (video)
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Roborock H6 is the company’s first handheld vacuum, S6 Pure robot also announced
At the ongoing CES 2020, Roborock is introducing the H6, its first handheld model, as well as a new addition to its robot line-up, the S6 Pure.
Buying a robotic vacuum finally makes sense
We’re excited to tell you about the Roborock E3, S5, and S5 Max, all currently on sale on Amazon for a limited time.
OnePlus 8 series
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Roborock S5 Max
Roborock S5 Max brings premium vacuuming and mopping to the United States
Roborock announced the S5 Max home vacuum and mop robot at the beginning of September, and now the company is bringing its flagship product to the United States.