Lead Nextbit Robin designer leaves Razer to establish new studio with a former colleague from HTC
Two HTC design veterans, one of whom joined Razer early this year after creating the Nextbit Robin, have quit their high-profile jobs to start from scratch.
Trusted eBay seller drops Nextbit Robin price to absurdly low $110
It’s long in the tooth and effectively discontinued with no sequel in sight, but the “cloud-first” Nextbit Robin phone is still a bargain at $110.
Tech, Earnings, and Advertising: This Week is All About the Money | #PNWeekly 238
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Nextbit Robin review: a smarter alternative to the smartphone
Back in December I was faced with a situation familiar to anyone…
Nextbit Robin CDMA support expands to Sprint
After adding Verizon support last week, Nextbit Robin Sprint compatibility is now being offered.