Temperature disparately affects Pixel 2 XL rapid charging rate
More importantly, when the phone tells you that it’s “charging rapidly” in cold temperatures, it just isn’t. And that just won’t do.
Razer Phone hands-on: Wow, oh WOW! (Video)
The Nextbit Robin-inspired Razer Phone is here, and it’s been quite a treat to spend some early one-on-one time with the 8GB RAM Android monster.
Lead Nextbit Robin designer leaves Razer to establish new studio with a former colleague from HTC
Two HTC design veterans, one of whom joined Razer early this year after creating the Nextbit Robin, have quit their high-profile jobs to start from scratch.
This may be our first look at the first Razer Phone, inspired by the Nextbit Robin
A Nextbit Robin-inspired Razer Phone is reportedly right around the corner, and this is how it might look from behind.
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Software updates go on as Nextbit Robin support ends as promised
Customers facing an issue on the Nextbit Robin are encouraged to ask the Razer community or self-help. Software updates, fortunately, will last.
Razer wrapping up Nextbit Robin support on July 31
At that point, it would have only been 17 months and two weeks since the first units shipped out. Software-wise, we’re not sure what’s up there.
Trusted eBay seller drops Nextbit Robin price to absurdly low $110
It’s long in the tooth and effectively discontinued with no sequel in sight, but the “cloud-first” Nextbit Robin phone is still a bargain at $110.
Razer releases Android 7.1.1 for Nextbit Robin
This update was not expected, given how quickly the Android 7.0 update wasn’t passed along. The Razer acquisition definitely complicated things, too.
Nextbit Robin Nougat update gets pushed
Android 7.0 has finally made it to last year’s Nextbit Robin — a welcome reprieve for a phone quietly letting go of its support structure.
Nextbit Robin deal on eBay puts price down at $140
This Robin’s in the oven, but if you’re looking to get a piece of it, it’s on eBay for a limited time and at a very steep discount.
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Nextbit moves in with Razer, stops selling Robin
From what it sounds like, the gaming hardware company is essentially taking on Nextbit as its new mobile division. That means a shift in infrastructure.
Nextbit Robin priced down to $145 on Amazon
It’s another $25 off from its most discounted price thus far and more than 60 percent off its original pricing when it debuted this year.
Nextbit Robin gets early taste of Nougat with sanctioned help from Paranoid Android
It’s relatively unusual for an OEM to ask a custom ROM dev team’s help in delivering a software update, but the Nextbit Robin is special that way.
Midnight Nextbit Robin on Amazon just $170
It’s the most affordable price point for the cloud-backed Android phone to date. No word on if it’s permanent, so deal seekers, now’s your chance.
Amazon offers big savings on loads of unlocked phones, including Moto G4 Plus and Nextbit Robin
For a (very) limited time only, the 4GB RAM Moto G4 Plus, OnePlus 2, Nextbit Robin and a number of other unlocked phones are discounted on Amazon.
Amazon’s best ‘deal of the day’ is hands down the $200 Nextbit Robin in mint or midnight
Priced back in the day at $400, and permanently discounted to $300 not long ago, the cloud-first Nextbit Robin costs $200 today only on Amazon.
Nextbit Robin in Ember, a fitting color, on sale with limited stock
Robins are red and so are some Nextbit Robins. You can have one, but that’s if you’re quick and lucky enough to purchase one.
Roll out the red carpet for the upcoming scarlet-colored Nextbit Robin
A red version of the Nextbit Robin is technically not official yet, let alone up for grabs, but it’s definitely in the pipeline.
Nextbit teases future OS version with smarter about battery usage
Learn more about some of the recent improvements that Nextbit is working on, this time focussed on battery life efficiency
Nextbit Robin deals extend to other markets across the globe
Learn more about some of the recent deals that have just reached the Nexbit Robin, an specially if you live outside the US.
Nextbit Beta Tester Program taking in applicants
Nextbit is looking for actively engaged users of its Robin smartphone who aren’t looking for a cheap way to quick software updates.
Nextbit Facebook Live session will talk design and sneak a peek
Love it or hate it, it’s one striking piece of smartphone. And the people behind the design of the Nextbit Robin will share their secrets with you.
‘Cloud-first’ Nextbit Robin goes $100 off to just $300 on Amazon
Equal parts popular and controversial, the “unlimited storage”-providing Nextbit Robin smartphone goes for $300 after a $100 discount on Amazon.