Google Fi international LTE coverage expands, RCS to roll out
If you’re taking your Google Fi phone to any of these 33 countries, you’ll be able to get on LTE for the same rates as you do at home!
T-Mobile bills family more than $13,000 for less than 1GB of international data
Even with airplane mode on for the whole trip, it seems that Nicholas Chung’s iPhone had been tapping into the cell network in Vietnam.
T-Mobile increases international coverage, launches high-speed data pass
Customers can now travel to over 210 destinations and use their T-Mobile phone and plan, though with some limitations. The new pass gives a bump in speeds.
Sprint Unlimited Plus goes up to $70 per month while Unlimited Basic goes to $60
The plans go into effect from July 13 with a price jump for more data and music goodies and discounts for first-weekend subscribers.
T-Mobile serving up unlimited high-speed data in Russia for World Cup
Postpaid customers can take part in the World Cup excitement with high-speed data throughput for the duration of the FIFA tournament.
19 American countries, including US, agree to work to reduce international telecom costs
No significant and specific steps have been laid out as of yet, but there are some hints as to what may get worked on in the next four years across North America and South America.
Sprint also frees up high-speed data in Korea for the Olympics
The carrier is following T-Mobile’s steps in offering free high-speed data to its customers traveling to the games for the duration of both the Olympics and Paralympics.
Verizon Go Unlimited now get roaming data in Canada and Mexico
From January 25, those who are on the $75 plan will get what people on the $85 plan have been getting for months: free roaming on neighborly soil.
No more unlocking fees in Canada from December 1
Carriers must be able to provide device unlocking free of charge from day one. Customers now also have more control on overage caps
Historic EU roaming changes are in effect, with surcharges eliminated across 28 countries
No more paying special fees for EU roaming, as long as you follow a number of reasonable rules regarding the time you spend abroad.
Sprint Global Roaming Service gets global LTE roaming
In addition to freeing up LTE data in Canada and Mexico from its Unlimited Freedom accounts, Sprint has LTE roaming around the world — for a price.
T-Mobile ONE doubles international data roaming speeds to 256kbps
While you had full-speed LTE access across all of North America with T-Mobile, you used to only be able to crawl, not cruise elsewhere.
It’s happening: ‘Last piece of the puzzle’ in place for EU roaming charges to end soon
No more paying extra for voice calls, text messages and mobile data consumption when away from home in the EU starting no later than June 15 2017.
It’s always summer in South America and Europe with free high-speed data from T-Mobile
T-Mobile just made your next vacation sweeter and cheaper, foregoing data charges across South America and parts of Europe through December 31.
AT&T Cuba deal makes it last of the major four carriers to roam there
The second largest cellular service provider by user base is getting an extra leg to Havana and other points soon. It’s also the last to do so.
T-Mobile ‘opens communications’ between US and Cuba with local roaming deal
With more customers of Cuban descent than all its rivals, T-Mobile has just announced the long overdue expansion of roaming services to the island nation.
Using a smartphone across Europe is becoming cheaper, as new roaming-fee limits take effect
Starting at the end of this month EU roaming fees get new, lower caps, ahead of the mid-2017 abolition of them altogether.
Earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador affect Sony, US carriers
One of Sony’s factories has shut down, should Apple worry? And US carriers are offering free calls and texts to and even from Ecuador.
Sprint has you covered if you roam to Cuba
Globetrotters aren’t just tall, athletic people with fancy finesse in twirling basketballs.…
EU decides to put an end to mobile roaming charges
Learn more about some of the measures that the European Parliament is taking in order to end mobile roaming charges for good within the region
International roaming rates go down in Europe starting July 1, 2014
Starting July 1, European international roaming costs will drop more than 50% from last summer. Check out to see how much communication will cost you.