Apple Video set for 100 million subscribers within 5 years, says analysts

Whatever Apple will call its original video subscription service, one investment house believes it will get customers fast and easy.

Spotify complains to EU about Apple’s “app tax” and platform monopoly

The music streaming company wants Apple to lay off interfering in its customer service, marketing and the payment systems it chooses to use.

Nintendo urges its mobile game developers to push fewer in-app purchases

The mobile game developer houses that have partnered with Nintendo aren’t too pleased about the policy which stems from a frankly sensical place.

Another miserable quarter for HTC, revenues down 70 percent year on year

Amazingly, we’ve had to make the same comparison for the November 2018 report: 70 percent down from the same month the year before.

TSMC hopes to make up lost orders from chemical flub

The impact for this quarter looks to be minus $550 million. The hope is that TSMC can make it back up to customers the next quarter.

Apple supplier Largan expects triple-camera demand from other OEMs to boom

Apple may have suffered big losses from iPhone sales thus impacting Largan, but the glass supplier isn’t worried and is focusing on more applications.

App Store and the “tax” may be Apple’s lurking shark

It’s not just Apple’s 30 percent cut from app publishers’ revenues that has one analyst worried: it’s the App Store’s sole existence on iOS.

Apple revises down 1Q19 earnings estimate, could post first holiday decline since 2000

Weaknesses in the Chinese market compounded the sinkhole collapse of this holiday season for Apple.

California may fund low-income connectivity with a flat tax on texting

The cellular industry contributies billions of dollars in taxes to California coffers for lifeline connectivity programs, but that money pile has shrunken.
htc u11

HTC stabilizes earnings for October, but still at low

It’s not exactly clear what buoyed revenues for the month where not much sway was generated by anything the company did. It’s good news, though.

Apple is “trying to destroy” Qualcomm by refusing to pay $7 billion in royalties

Apple is really behind on its royalty payments to Qualcomm, a lawyer for the chipmaker said in court.

Spotify and Apple Music reach 51M paid subscribers in the US

Spotify and Apple Music clearly dominate the music streaming business in the United States, and they will only keep on growing more powerful

Will Xiaomi ever find convincing tech to sell a $700 smartphone?

The Chinese company already finds it hard to make big margins off of hardware when volume makes up for it and services multiply that profit.

Another dive for HTC revenue as U12+ provides no salve

Revenues for the month of August were down again, if only slightly in sequential terms and, again, signficantly year-over-year.

Market firm now sees up to 350 million iPhone sales within 18 months

With the three new iPhones expected out in September, GBH Insights believes this will get “fence sitters” to stand up and go buying.

Netflix may do something about the Apple tax

Apple takes a 30 percent cut from in-app purchases from developers. This has ruffled app publishers’ feathers for way too long and they’re acting on it.

Sprint and T-Mobile grow base in 2Q18, earnings a split picture

Sprint is a ship that’s just turning around and not without trial and failure. T-Mobile is hopping from strength to strength.

PlayStation rules, mobile drools at Sony for 1Q18 earnings

Sony Mobile is now generating operating losses and is expected to continue digging its own hole. Meanwhile, look at how that PlayStation flies…

Spotify growth on track in 2Q18 despite insurgent Apple Music

The music streaming company remains focused on growth of its user base as opposed to profits. And its recent reporting seems to put it in a good position.

Ad spending does not help LG Mobile sales in 2Q18

Home appliances and home entertainment made good money for LG this quarter, but low-end phone sales collapsed in a saturated market.

One Apple supplier is down on blockchain, up on iPhone again

The largest contract semiconductors company in the world lost out on cryptocurrency mining chips and will rely on selling iPhone chips to make up for it.

iPhone X was not most popular in the world in May, iPhone 8 was

Three iPhones led the market share pie while Chinese players took the back half of the top ten. Samsung’s flagships were also represented at the top.
LG G7 ThinQ

LG expects robust second quarter growth, but spent too much on marketing

On a proportional basis, LG will be doing way better than its behemoth competitor Samsung. Still, investors may shirk at how much it spent on marketing.

HTC suffers largest drop in monthly revenues in two years

HTC’s track record has been downward for several years now and this past month was an especially steep step to the ground.
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Note 8

Samsung revenues expected to slump on Galaxy S9

The company itself has already culled down estimates on sales and revenue, but investors are wringing their hands over innovation.