Pocketnow Daily: The Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s Display Resolution is Going Down… (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the changes in the less expensive Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Samsung’s and Apple’s financial reports and more
WhatsApp will start including ads very soon in the ‘Status’ section
Whatsapp will remain free but it will start including apps in the status section in one of the most famous messaging apps around the planet
HTC made a rare profit during Q1 2018, largely thanks to Google
HTC’s quarterly revenues were down again in the January – March 2018 timeframe, generating an operating loss of around $175 million, but thanks to a recent Google deal, the Taiwanese company actually posted a net profit.
WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum departs Facebook, exodus expected
Koum left a cordial note as he left the door and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg returned the same. But reporting says that the tensions have been deep over the direction of WhatsApp.
Surface Book
Microsoft had a great March quarter, with Cloud, Surface, Office and LinkedIn revenue on the rise
Pretty much all of Microsoft’s products and services reported substantial year-on-year hikes in January – March 2018 revenue, from Surface hardware to Xbox software.
Global smartphone sales were down in Q1 2018, but premium models boosted average prices
It may be a while before global smartphone sales start surging again, but in the meantime, vendors can be very happy about recent average price trends.
LG didn’t lose that much money on phones in Q1 2018, ‘positive results’ expected from G7 ThinQ
LG Electronics had a great overall first quarter of the year, generating profits of over $1 billion. The chaebol’s mobile division lost money once again, but the G7 ThinQ might be a winner.
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review
Samsung breaks quarterly profit records yet again, mostly thanks to chips and high-end phones
Samsung made more money between January and March 2018 than ever before, specifically around $14.5 billion in operating profit, but no thanks to the iPhone X.
HTC will get a financial boost from Google soon, but until then, monthly revenues are down
Before it can return to quarterly profitability with Google’s help, HTC’s monthly income scores are still shrinking, and new Vive headsets will probably not help that much.
Sony’s mobile numbers continue to drop ahead of major management restructuring
Sony will have a new CEO, CFO and mobile business skipper starting April 1, reporting astounding overall financial results for fiscal Q3 2017, but once again losing on smartphones.
LG Electronics boasts record full-year 2017 revenues, ‘narrowed’ Q4 smartphone losses
LG lost another $192 million on smartphones during Q4 2017, nonetheless reporting all-time high overall annual revenues of $55.4 billion.
Bitcoin may help TSMC’s bottom line as premium smartphones take a toll
Consumers are expected to choose less expensive smartphones for purchase in the coming year as cryptocurrency mining activity continues its rise. TSMC, a chipmaker, is in the middle of it all.
iPads, AirPods and Samsung tabs contributed to the biggest online sales day in history
This year’s Cyber Monday online sales represented a 16.8 percent surge from 2016, and mobile devices set new records for both visits and revenue.
Samsung Electronics appoints three new co-CEOs, announces full record-setting Q3 2017 results
Samsung Electronics is keen to avoid a leadership “vacuum” with a younger new generation of managers while making even more money during Q3 than Q2 2017.
iPhone X expected to drive record fall earnings at TSMC
The third quarter wasn’t bad, but it was down from a year ago. Still, there’s plenty for the chipmaker to be eager about with the coming of the iPhone X.
LG probably made more money during Q3 2017 than last year, no thanks to smartphones
LG’s mobile division is expected to post its tenth consecutive quarter loss for the July – September 2017 timeframe, despite solid overall company profits.
Samsung could earn over $14 billion through 2019 making iPhone X components
The iPhone X was always supposed to be lucrative for Apple arch-rival Samsung, but $14 billion may exceed the chaebol’s wildest dreams.
The Apple Watch ‘story’ has merely begun, and sales are already estimated at 33 million overall
The best is yet to come for the Apple Watch family, according to a reputable analyst, with sales numbers thus far exceeding a remarkable 33 million.
Lenovo touts 11 million smartphone shipments for the last quarter, 3 million Moto Z sales within a year
Lenovo is still hoping for mobile industry relevance after selling a total of 11 million own-brand and Motorola smartphones between April and June 2017.
Google estimated to be paying Samsung even more than Apple for search engine pre-loading
As the world’s number one smartphone vendor, Samsung is likely charging Google around $3.5 billion a year for search engine preinstallation.
Google pays billions a year to be the default iPhone search option
Financial firm Bernstein estimates that this year’s total will be $3 billion, based on multiple financial line items on Google’s and Apple’s sheets.
Moderately successful HTC U11 wasn’t enough to return company to profitability during Q2
Despite relatively strong HTC U11 sales, the company’s overall Q2 2017 financial report doesn’t look so hot, with a quarterly loss of USD 72 million.
Apple reports strong Q3 revenue growth on steady iPhones, surging iPads, record services
Total Apple revenue was on the rise this past quarter compared to last year, and it’s all thanks to “services.” And iPads. And of course, iPhones.
Huawei Mate 9
‘Full-screen’ Huawei Mate 10 billed as ‘more powerful’ than iPhone 8 after H1 2017 financial report
Huawei reported decent year-on-year H1 2017 revenue growth, but the best may be yet to come, starting with a spectacular “full-screen” Mate 10 this fall.
LG G6 review
‘Weaker than expected’ LG G6 had a ‘challenging’ quarter, but the company still made a little money
As attractive as we found it, the LG G6 simply didn’t sell well during Q2 2017. But the company’s home appliances and TVs were profitable enough.