Pocketnow Daily: The Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s Display Resolution is Going Down… (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the changes in the less expensive Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Samsung’s and Apple’s financial reports and more
WhatsApp will start including ads very soon in the ‘Status’ section
Whatsapp will remain free but it will start including apps in the status section in one of the most famous messaging apps around the planet
HTC made a rare profit during Q1 2018, largely thanks to Google
HTC’s quarterly revenues were down again in the January – March 2018 timeframe, generating an operating loss of around $175 million, but thanks to a recent Google deal, the Taiwanese company actually posted a net profit.
LG Electronics boasts record full-year 2017 revenues, ‘narrowed’ Q4 smartphone losses
LG lost another $192 million on smartphones during Q4 2017, nonetheless reporting all-time high overall annual revenues of $55.4 billion.
LG probably made more money during Q3 2017 than last year, no thanks to smartphones
LG’s mobile division is expected to post its tenth consecutive quarter loss for the July – September 2017 timeframe, despite solid overall company profits.
Google estimated to be paying Samsung even more than Apple for search engine pre-loading
As the world’s number one smartphone vendor, Samsung is likely charging Google around $3.5 billion a year for search engine preinstallation.
Google pays billions a year to be the default iPhone search option
Financial firm Bernstein estimates that this year’s total will be $3 billion, based on multiple financial line items on Google’s and Apple’s sheets.
HTC U11 Lifestyle 14
Victory proclaimed as HTC U11 sales surpass two predecessors
Believe it or not, it has taken only weeks for the HTC U11 to beat out the total number of sales for the HTC 10 and One M9 each.
Sony sold less than 15 million smartphones in the past year, actually pulling off a small division profit
Sony has finally found a way to stop its smartphones from bleeding money, but does it even matter anymore?
HTC wraps Q3 with 31 percent annual gain on September revenue
Good news for the Taiwanese manufacturer and its investors as Google Pixel sales are starting up. Could money from its manufacture have helped HTC?
Play Store, App Store continue with download-revenue gap
The Google Play Store doubled the number of downloads that the iOS App Store got, but the App Store nearly doubled the revenue the Play Store had in Q1.