Amazon Go brings the ‘world’s most advanced shopping technology’ to no-checkout grocery store

Already open to Amazon employees only, the world’s most advanced physical store lets you walk in and out without lines or checkouts.

Xiaomi continues expansion with Singapore store, impressive smartphone sales in India

Xiaomi is (really) big in China, bigger and bigger in India, also setting its sights on Singapore, as well as the US and other markets,

CEO wants to open 1,000 Xiaomi stores in three years

Xiaomi’s been struggling to keep itself in the top ranks of Chinese smartphone manufacturers. That as it fights off a lifestyle tech companies as well.

400 more T-Mobile stores to come in 2016

T-Mobile hopes that you’ll see its stores where you’ve never seen them before, go in and then come out as a new subscriber.

Xiaomi crosses 110 million global Redmi phone sales, beefs up offline presence in India

The low-cost, low to mid-end Xiaomi Redmi smartphone family has apparently racked up impressive sales these past 3 years – 1.21 units per second on average.