Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy S11 to be all display, iPhone sales slump & more (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about Samsung’s intentions of giving us full-screen smartphones without the notch or a punch-hole, Apple sales and more.
New video shows just how durable is the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Fold
Here we have proof that the foldable panels in the Samsung Galaxy Fold are pretty resistant and that they will work correctly for quite some time
Survey gives reasons why people switch between iOS and Android
The battle between iOS and Android is probably going to last forever, and we probably won’t ever know which OS is better, but at least we know why people switch between OS
LG expects Q2 2016 profits to rise to two-year high, despite more mobile losses
Similar to domestic arch-nemesis Samsung, LG has likely enjoyed a strong Q2 in financial terms, but not thanks to the G5 or smartphones in general.