iPhone 8 logic board

Apple will replace your iPhone 8 logic board for free, if faulty

A faulty iPhone 8 logic board can cause your phone to behave erratically, and Apple is going to replace it free of charge. Check it out!

Your lagging Google Pixel 2 XL might be replaced for free

There’s a chance that your laggy Google Pixel 2 XL could be replaced for free after Google has researched the possible causes for this bug

Apple retroactively subsidizing iPhone battery replacements

Those who got the battery replaced on their iPhone 6 or newer device at an Apple-sanctioned facility anytime within 2017 are eligible to get $50 back.

Heat stress believed to be cause of iPhone 6s battery explosion at repair shop

If your iPhone’s getting hot and bothered, it may be causing the battery inside to bloat, allowing the screen to crack more easily. Get that battery replaced.

iPhone battery replacements now happening “without delay,” kind of

Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers can now order replacement batteries for your throttled iPhone and receive them without delay. What does that mean for you?

Apple fails to explain why iPhone throttling was not disclosed to Canadian government

The behavior was covered under umbrella language explaining the measures it took to stop iPhones from suddenly shutting down with the iOS 10.2.1 software update.

Death, lawsuits and the OnePlus X2 | #PNWeekly 291

On this week’s show, T-Mobile and Google facing big lawsuits. a couple of dying phone makers and the true threat to civilization (hint: it’s a fake phone).

Apple slaps HomePod with predictably high $279 out-of-warranty repair price

If you haven’t extended your limited HomePod warranty with $39 AppleCare+ service, you may want to, as uncovered repairs will be quite expensive.

ShatterShield peeling off edges of Moto Z2 Force, customers being charged for repair

Those who couldn’t or didn’t want to argue down the price were supposedly charged anywhere from $50 to $150 for the replacement of a part that used to be user-replaceable for $40.

In some repairs, 16GB iPhone 5c will be substituted with 32GB units

The iPhone 5c is coming up on five years old and it still will get treated by Apple if it is warranted. The thing is, will you get your device replaced?

Apple: iPhone 8, iPhone X battery management is more robust than older devices

But it’s not because of the software. In fact, there’s a reasonable implication that Apple is claiming that new hardware means no throttling will be warranted in future software updates.

With iPhone battery replacement program, Apple may give rebates to those who paid full price

That’s according to a Senate committee chairman. That committee has released a letter from Apple that answers some of its questions about the program.
Nexus 5X Fingerprint Scanner

Google begins offering Moto X4 with Android One as Project Fi Nexus 5X replacement

If you’re the unlucky owner of a faulty Project Fi Nexus 5X… with device protection, you’re suddenly in luck, as Google will give you a Moto X4 to replace your old phone.

Lacking iPhone 6 Plus repair stock, iPhone 6s Plus units may be given out

A directive to retail employees and third-party servicers indicates that as resources are extremely tight for iPhone 6 Plus customers that they could get a surprise upgrade.

Apple begins replacing batteries for older iPhones earlier than announced

Originally set for late January, the company is now offering $29 rates for out-of-warranty battery replacements on throttled iPhones.

LG appoints new mobile division president and CEO in bid to turn its business around

The long-struggling LG Mobile Communications Company officially has a new skipper in charge with reviving the popularity of the chaebol’s smartphones.

Samsung Electronics appoints three new co-CEOs, announces full record-setting Q3 2017 results

Samsung Electronics is keen to avoid a leadership “vacuum” with a younger new generation of managers while making even more money during Q3 than Q2 2017.

You may get an iPad Air 2 if Apple can’t like-replace your iPad 4

Well, there’s a chance you might get one if you need a repair. Basically, it’s the store manager that makes the call based on inventory issues.

Galaxy S8 gets first-party enhanced warranty with Samsung Premium Care

Samsung begins selling devices, financing and services direct to consumers, but not unlocked devices. There’s also that “Guard S8” program we’ve heard.

Samsung finally looks to tie up loose ends with charge-disabling Galaxy Note 7 update in Korea

For some reason, it took Samsung almost six whole months to realize preventing the Galaxy Note 7 in Korea from charging altogether is for the best.

Google Pixel hardware problems continue, microphone of concern this time

Speakers are busted, the camera’s screwed up and now you can’t even make a phone call on the Google phone. And a solution takes four months to achieve.

Just 85 percent of Galaxy Note 7 units in Korea have been returned, around 140K still in use

Samsung is having trouble wrapping up the Galaxy Note 7 recall program in its own homeland of Korea, where people just won’t return the fickle phablet.

‘Nearly 85 percent’ of recalled US Galaxy Note 7 units have been officially replaced thus far

Samsung has managed to take a whole lot of hazardous Galaxy Note 7 devices off the US streets, though plenty still remain in circulation.

‘Most’ Galaxy Note 7 users are ‘basically switching to a Galaxy S7’, at least on Sprint

Samsung’s retention rates might be higher than expected on the heels of the double Galaxy Note 7 recall, at least on a couple of US carriers.

Galaxy Note 7 users can now get big S7 discounts if they promise to upgrade next year

Willing not only to exchange your Galaxy Note 7 with a GS7, but also embrace the S8 or Note 8 as soon as they’re out? Here’s a massive incentive.